Monday, 22 October 2007

News from npower

England’s power play to light up Rugby World Cup final

With the Rugby World Cup drawing to a dramatic close this Saturday, Britain’s Brightest Energy Company, npower, has been working with experts at Sheffield Hallam University to establish the sheer volume of energy expended over the entire dramatic tournament.

Saturday’s game in France will see England and South Africa putting all their energy into claiming the Cup and npower have estimated that the expected energy output being the equivalent required to:
· Keep 56 x 42” LCD televisions running for the duration of the final
· Cool down nearly 1,400 cans of beer to 4° C
· Light an energy saving bulb for fifty four and a half days
· Take 800 people around the London eye nearly 63 times
· Make nearly 482 mugs of tea

The power of the scrum alone in this battle of the Titans will leave a lot resting upon the shoulders of our front row, with scientists calculating that every metre our boys push the Springboks; they will be generating a force of nearly one tonne.

Given that an 80 minute game in The Rugby World Cup has on average 10 scrums, scientists calculate that energy from the scrums alone could power an energy saving light bulb for over four and half hours.

Throughout the whole six week Rugby World Cup tournament, the total energy generated throughout the 48 games, would be enough to:

· Make over 23,000 cups of tea
· Cool down 67,200 cans of beer to 4° C
· Keep 2,688 x 42” LCD televisions running for the duration of the final

With Energy Saving Week next week and our team’s duties over, perhaps we should harness their energy potential to help power the UK.

- ends -

Notes to editors:
The energy expended by an average rugby player was calculated using standing, jogging, cruising and sprinting times for the average back and forward during a rugby match. This data was taken from Deutsch and Kearney (2007). The energy required for each of these activities for a player of mass 98 kg was then calculated using values taken from McArdle et al. (2001).

The force values used in these calculations were calculated from values taken from Quarrie and Wilson (2000).

Deutsch, M. U. and Kearney, G. A. (2007) Time - Motion Analysis of Professional Rugby Union Players During Match-Play. In journal of Sports Sciences, 25, 461-472.
McArdle, W. D., Katch, F. I. and Katch, V. L. (2001) Exercise Physiology.
Quarrie, K. L. and Wilson, B. D. (2000) Force Production in the Rugby Union Scrum. In Journal of Sports Sciences, 18, 237-246.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

News From Bennetts

Gordon Brown – Hell’s Angel?
Bennetts unveil the biking alter egos of British celebrities

More familiar with chauffer-driven government cars, Gordon Brown is the ideal candidate to ride a Harley Davidson according to research out today. Bennetts, the UK’s number one for motorbike insurance*, has unveiled a new biking ‘calculator’, which enables anyone to find out which bike they should be riding, based on a series of personality traits. In addition to Brown, it found that David Cameron’s ideal ride is a powerful sports bike, David Beckham should be revving a Japanese street bike and X-Factor judge Sharon Osbourne should be taking long trips on her touring bike.

Bennetts commissioned sports psychologist and biking enthusiast Dr Murray Griffin from the University of Essex to analyse the data of over 2,000 UK bikers. The research revealed that celebrities, together with people across the country, are harbouring a biking alter ego and these can be divided into five simple categories:

1) Bank Holiday Bikers - born to ride a touring bike into the sunset
2) Boardroom Bikers - escaping the pressures of work on a powerful Harley
3) Scooter Commuters - speeding around the city on a stylish scooter
4) Rossi Rev Heads – desperate to impress with speed and strength
5) Muscle Motor Heads – passionate about having fun with a streetfighter bike

The data, now combined to form the Bennetts Biker Tribe online calculator, can quickly and simply reveal the biking persona of anyone completing the test. Simply log on to, answer a few easy questions and your personalised biking tribe will be revealed.

Dr Griffin’s study found that Gordon Brown is a Boardroom Biker and should escape the pressure of running the country on a Harley. No longer leather-clad Hell’s Angels, the majority of Harley riders are senior officials who don’t necessarily have experience of riding a motorbike. For David Cameron, image is everything and he longs for speed and power as a Rossi Rev Head. Younger than Boardroom Bikers (77% of the tribe are under 44); the majority of this biking tribe are made up from professionals and managers who are enjoying a final fling before taking on further responsibilities in life.

Other surprising celebrity biking personas identified by the Bennetts Biker Tribe Calculator include:
• Lewis Hamilton – Scooter Commuter
• Simon Cowell – Rossi Rev Head
• Victoria Beckham – Muscle Motor Head
• Ozzy Osbourne - Bank Holiday Biker
• Louis Walsh – Boardroom Biker

Dr Griffin says, “The traditional stereotypes of bikers have changed rapidly over the years and it’s no longer just bike fanatics riding motorbikes. Scooter Commuters, for example, are a rapidly expanding group with more and more people wanting to escape congestion on the roads.”

* Based on independent research conducted in July 2006

Friday, 12 October 2007

News from Impulse

Christmas Scentsation

Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler, secret Santa gift or something different for someone special, Impulse City Collection makes present buying a breeze this Christmas with a range of new gift collections.

Based on the three fashion and style capitals of the world, Impulse City Collection captures the romance of Paris, glamour of New York and edgy style of London so there is a scent to suit the style of every city chick.

Each leave the wearer refreshed, confident and ready to act upon any impulsive moment’s life throws their way.

The girl around town will love Impulse Minis (RRP £3.79) compact in a handy purse and perfect for impromptu winter dates. The New York Body fragrance wash bag (RRP £4.99) and the London Body fragrance tin (RRP £4.99) are the glamorous stocking fillers that will light up anyone’s Christmas.

Impulse has combined effortless style with the best beauty buys in the form of the Shopping Spree gift bag (RRP £6.99). Crammed with Impulse scents the chic pink bag is perfect for setting the ‘Sex and the City” mood this Christmas.

The trendy City Girl Pack (RRP £9.99) is also a must-have, oozing with Impulse delights and scents including limited edition Impulse City Shower Gel that will leave your skin glowing and irresistible.

Whether you treat yourself or indulge someone else this Christmas, everyone deserves to be spoilt with one of the fabulous, sophisticated Impulse City Collection gifts.

Notes to Editors:
The Impulse Christmas gifts are available from all major high street chemists and supermarkets
Stockist number 08000852769

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

News From Fila ...

Fila Sign Up Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan

Fila, the iconic Italian sports brand associated with 1970s style and fashion has signed up cult British actors Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan to be the face of its latest advertising and marketing campaign. Capitalising on the actors’ association with the brand following the successful 2005 film, The Business, the new Fila campaign will take the brands’ theme modern day playboy to the next level.

Focusing on the Fila Vintage and Gold collections, the campaign continues to inject aspirational appeal into the sports lifestyle brand. The advertising is set to run across titles such as Arena, Esquire, GQ and Golf Punk from December, with new executions to feature in the spring issues; this campaign represents a six figure investment for the brand. The advertising will be supported by a dynamic PR campaign that will include online and experiential exploitation driven by Fila’s PR agency Frank PR.

Marc Travis, Marketing Manager at Fila UK comments: “We are thrilled to be working with Danny and Tamer as the faces of Fila in the UK. Their cult status has great synergy with the Fila brand and we are excited by the opportunities this association presents. The new creative evolves from the current campaign and is injected with a directional and modern fashion aesthetic, that reflects the UK strategy and repositioning of the brand. ”


Notes to editors:

· Fila Vintage revisits Fila’s iconic White Line collection from the 1970s. Fila pay homage to the original line by capturing its spirit and ethos right down to the exact colours, fabrics and detail. This definitive collection encapsulates class and style with 70’s retro nostalgia whilst quality and finish is in tune with Fila’s Italian heritage. Fila Vintage prices range from £20 - £65
Fila Gold launched for the first time in the UK this Autumn Winter 2007. Previously only available in Italy, Fila Gold is the ultimate 70s Italian playboy inspired collection. An alternative to sportswear, this stylish collection is comprised of cashmere sweaters, sleek cut cardigans and tailored polo’s. This directional range made up of smart casuals inspired by the 70s is imbued with the quality and sophistication of modern day. Fila Gold prices start at £40
· The creative team includes:
o Photographer – Peter Zownir
o Creative Director – Ben Owen, Owen Dwelly Design
o Stylist and Art Direction – Tom Stubbs

Friday, 5 October 2007

News From

Osbournes Slot Into New Game

Britain’s favourite dysfunctional family have the online X Factor

X Factor star Sharon Osbourne has been immortalised in an all-new online game, along with husband Ozzy, children Jack and Kelly and her pampered Pomeranian pooch Minnie. The first ever family to appear in an illustrated slot game of this nature, The Osbournes will go live on today, in a game as mad as the wild rocker’s family.

Following the recent illness of Sharon’s favourite pet Minnie and her transatlantic dash to see her, Sharon is thrilled with Minnie’s inclusion in the game and the online personas of her family. Sharon says, "The game is fantastic. All the family have been brought to life and they even managed to immortalise my beloved dog, Minnie! I'll certainly have a little flutter when it's launched."

Made famous with their award winning fly-on-the-wall television series, the Osbournes have become one of the most recognisable families in the world. Despite their well-publicised troubles, the family remain close and supportive of each other. Since being launched into the media spotlight, the family as branched out into a range of successful careers. Sharon is currently filming her fourth series as an X Factor Judge, Kelly is appearing in the West End musical Chicago as Mama Morton, Jack hosts his own television show Adrenaline Junkie, whilst Black Sabbath rock star Ozzy oversees his family and remains the original Prince of Darkness.

The Osbournes is an online slot game packed with free spins, multiplier boosts and impressive cash prizes of up to £150,000. Sharon’s dog Minnie becomes a star in her own right as the game also includes an additional feature where players can be rewarded with free spins. The game features four levels - one each for Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly - with the goal of reaching Ozzy for the full reward - although each level carries it’s own cash incentive if completed. Log on to to enter the wild world of The Osbournes.

- Ends -

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

News from PopCap

- New study highlights concerns over quantity and quality of mum’s ‘Me time’ -

A staggering 95% of UK mums are highly stressed and only manage a mere 23 minutes of ‘Me time’ during each day. This compares to dads who, conversely, enjoy a whopping 4½ hours during the average weekday, a new study by casual games website reveals. Even worse, research indicates that mums waste these 23 minutes with activities that could actually increase their stress levels.

The study
[1] reveals a stark contrast between the ways in which mums and dads choose to wind down. Dads while away 4½ hours with activities such as going to the gym, enjoying a leisurely hour-long lunchbreak, reading the newspaper on the loo, watching TV and engaging in hobbies such as playing football, golf and fishing. However mums use their stolen 23 minutes to sit down with a cuppa (52%), smoke a cigarette (19%), eat a snack (18%) or gulp down a glass of wine (7%). According to the study these types of breaks are actually counter-productive as they don’t allow mums’ minds to rest from their worries - the most common, incidentally, being money troubles (66%).

PopCap worked with the Stress Management Society on the study, which revealed that nearly a third of mums are left wanting more time for themselves in a bid to take control, reduce their stress levels and lead a more balanced life (60%). However, it’s not just the lack of down time that impacts stress levels - it’s also what you do with the time you have. The study recommends that mums adopt one of these top stress-busting activities:

1. Get Physical: when we feel angry, pressured or worried, adrenaline is released into the body. Exercise helps to reduce this and produces ‘good mood’ substances in the brain.
2. Have a cyber-break: trial a 5 minute ‘cyber-break’ by logging onto your PC. Playing a casual game helps lower stress levels by reducing blood pressure, slowing breathing and heart rate. Tests
[2] prove that just five minutes a day on has considerable stress reducing benefits.
3. Stretch your body – and mind: yoga not only tones the body and boosts the immune system but also works to calm the mind by unlocking inner happiness, lifting your mood and leaving you feeling light and energised.

Cathy Orr, European PR Director at PopCap, said:
“The disparity in down time between mums and dads is staggering. Even if mums can’t change their quantity of ‘Me time’, they can still positively affect the quality of the time they have available. A recent study in association with The Stress Management Society showed that playing casual games on sites like for as little as 5 minutes a day has stress relieving benefits. If time-poor mums replace their cuppa with a quick PopCap session, it will help relax, recharge and refocus their minds to face the rest of the day.”

Both mums and dads are invited to log onto to assess their individual stress levels and receive bespoke tips and tricks on how to maximise their ‘Me time’ according to their individual lifestyle.

- ends -

[1] Tickbox Survey, 5th – 11th September 2007, Survey size: 926 mothers of kids under 10 year’s old.
[2] Tickbox Survey, 5th – 11th September 2007, Survey size: 926 mothers of kids under 10 year’s old.