Friday, 28 December 2007

News from Heinz

Heinz Tomato Ketchup hits record sales

IT’S A kitchen cupboard classic, and for many a mealtime essential, and this week Britain’s much-loved Heinz Tomato Ketchup makes history as it reaches the £100 million mark for the first time – lining up enough bottles of the iconic sauce to stretch all the way to Australia .

In the last 12 months alone Britons have consumed 933 million tomatoes via bottles of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, equating to 73 million bottles of the red sauce. That adds up to more than one bottle for every man, woman and child in the country and enough sauce to fill 13 Olympic-sized swimming pools .

This has been the most successful year since the sauce hit the UK’s shop shelves in 1876, with Brits dolloping enough ketchup on their plates to fill an extra 2.6 million bottles of Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Briton’s are passionate about their favourite sauce with 66% professing they ‘love’ the brand.

Dave Woodward, President, Heinz UK & Ireland, is proud of the condiment’s success, saying: “Other ketchups have come and gone but with well over half of all UK households now regularly buying Heinz Tomato Ketchup, the message in the bottle is clear: Heinz is the tomato ketchup.”

Heinz Tomato Ketchup – the facts

• 11 billion packets are sold around the World every year – that’s nearly two packets for every person on earth
• Heinz Tomato Ketchup has been exclusively approved by NASA for use on the International Space Station
• During the manufacturing process, if Heinz Tomato Ketchup pours unaided at more than 0.028mph it is rejected

News from SEGA

Lonely children create pretend pals as they lack real friends

A NUMBER of children grow up lonely and with no one to confide in, with this isolation pushing a quarter of them to create imaginary friends during their childhood. This has come to light following research released today to mark the launch of The Golden Compass video game.

These make-believe mates are conjured up as children lack real-life playmates with 28% saying they served as a real friend or sibling replacement. More than half of the 2,000 questioned said their imaginary friend was an outlet to tell secrets to, and one in five saw them as someone to go to school with, hinting that young children sometimes turn to their imagination for security and a sense of belonging.

This insight is timely as the nation is set to go fantasy mad with the release of The Golden Compass video game. The Golden Compass is the first instalment of the acclaimed ‘His Dark Materials’ book trilogy that follows the adventures of Lyra, a young girl who, like all humans in the make-believe world, is accompanied by a creature that protects and helps her – much like our own imaginary friends.

Child psychologist and founder of the influential parenting website ‘RaisingKids’, Pat Spungin says, “Having an imaginary friend can be very beneficial and enhance a child’s development, and it is encouraging to see that 70% of adults support their children creating imaginary friends. While imaginary friends are a good practice ground for young people to test boundaries and social skills it is still important for them to learn how to integrate and play alongside their peers.”

News from Discovery Real Time

Britain’s Teens are Underage Inkers

Many people choose to use their skin as the canvass for modern day artwork, with fantastic results. But with almost a quarter of Brits getting tattooed under the legal age of 18, young lawbreakers are rebelling against the system and getting inked illegally.

This worrying statistic comes to light after Discovery Real Rime commissioned The Ink Report, the most extensive survey to date on Brits’ attitudes towards tattooing.

Marking the launch of tattoo show LA Ink, which stars celebrity tattooist Kat Von D, the results also reveal that 36% of 16-24 year olds already regret their tattoo and a quarter of them think they’ll regret it when they’re older.

Louis Malloy, professional tattoo artist and personal tattooist to David Beckham, says, “I always ask the client for ID, if I’m not sure of their age - it’s imperative I don’t break the law. But equally important is that a person chooses a design which they will live with for life; it’s unlikely at 16 or 17 years old you’ll be able to make that decision.” Louis Malloy also adds’ “I would suggest that the legal age for getting a tattoo is raised to 21 years old. At that age, you’d expect them to be slightly more mature.”

LA Ink premieres on Discovery Real Time this Sunday 11th November at 9pm.

The Ink Report analyses the nation’s attitudes towards tattooing and discovers how the British public perceives tattoos, with some surprising results.

A tattoo is for life
• 1 in 3 people who have a tattoo regret it
• A 1/3 of people believe they will regret their tattoos when they are older
• 40% of people choose their tattoo on its design only – suggesting style over sentiment

Girl Power
• A sixth of women have tattoos compared to only 1 in 10 men
• 3 times as many women get a tattoo to commemorate their newfound freedom than men – women make a permanent mark of freedom with 1 in 8 inking important life moments
• Men are 5 times more likely than women to link lack of intelligence to tattoos

Law breakers, freedom fighters and self-harmers
• Over 1 in 5 aged between 45-54 years old commemorate newfound freedom with a tattoo
• A ¼ of people are law breakers - getting their first tattoo under the age of 18
• 16-24 year olds are four times more likely then 55+ year olds to view tattoos as art
• 1 in 10 55+ year olds think that tattoos are a form of self harm

Ink Nation
Across the country attitudes towards tattoos vary greatly:
• The Welsh are Britain’s most tattooed - 1 in 5 have a tattoo
• The Irish are the least likely to have a tattoo, with only 1in10 having one – and when they do get a tattoo the Irish regret it the most (50%)
• People from the Midlands love their tattoos with 83% loving their body art
• 10% of Scots think tattoos are a form of self harm

• 34% of people who work in human resources have a tattoo
• People working in human resources and retail love their tattoos the most, 83%
• Sales, media and marketing is the only industry that get a tattoo done in the style of a celebrity – maybe this is why they (72%) regret them so much?!
• Almost half of people in the legal profession think that tattoos look common – only 7% have a tattoo

Monday, 17 December 2007

News from Brylcreem

Gary Barlow’s barnet is the best - Take That Robbie!
Brylcreem Best Male Celebrity Hairstyle 2007

Gary Barlow has the Best Male Celebrity Hair of 2007, a survey by Brylcreem, the UK’s number one men’s styling brand*, has revealed. In the year that Take That has conquered the charts, had sell-out stadium shows and landed lucrative advertising deals, Gary Barlow proves to be the ultimate come back king. His neat short back and sides were voted top look with 65% of the votes, while his rival Robbie Williams limped in with 4.2% of votes.

The research, carried out to celebrate the 6th annual Brylcreem National Men’s Hair Week**, questioned people from across the UK to find out which male celebrities score best and worst in the hairstyle stakes in music, sport, TV and film.

Top of the flops in the music chart is notorious Babyshambles front man Pete Doherty, whose dirty and dishevelled styling failed to impress and is awarded Worst Celebrity Hair of 2007, followed closely by Oasis front man Liam Gallagher, who is still stuck in the 90s.

In the sporting field, Beckham’s style is still streaks ahead, with 32% choosing the LA Galaxy scorer as the winning sports-star hairstyle, leaving previous 2006 winner Jonny Wilkinson trailing behind with 19% of the votes. Heading up the worst sporting hairstyles is flamboyant Ryder Cup winning golfer Ian Poulter, respondents deemed his bizarre red and blond style as unforgivably awful.

From the small screen, war is declared at Top Gear with Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond coming up in pole position to be crowned with Best TV Personality Hairstyle (45% of the votes) whilst fellow petrol-head presenter James May slides off track coming in last place.

Meanwhile, for once has Sienna Miller made the wrong style decision? Having started the year with Jude Law, who wins Best Film Personality Hairstyle, her new beau and known scruff Rhys Ifans tops the list of worst film stars’ haircuts.

Previous winners of the prestigious accolade for best celebrity hairstyle include Welsh rugby union star Gavin Henson, Blue’s Duncan James and England’s drop kick rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson.

Louis Byrne, Men’s Hairdresser of the Year and Brylcreem Style Director comments:

‘Gary Barlow has experienced a truly fantastic year and to be the overall winner of Brylcreem Best Male Celebrity Hair of 2007 is the crowning glory. Gary’s gone from being the brunt of boy band jokes to the king of the charts and in the process has seen a huge style transformation. He sports a classic, groomed look, easy to achieve with a product such as Brylcreem’s Shaping Wax which creates a style that is impressive yet effortless. This year, it is timeless styling that has inspired British men, rather than the non descript rock and roll look of his old band mate Robbie’

Monday, 10 December 2007

News From Watch It Do It


Jade Goody has stepped back into the spotlight by teaming up with a step-by-step cooking guide to give Brits more confidence in the kitchen. Self-confessed ‘kitchen-phobe’ Jade is encouraging Brits to use Watch it…Do it - the new cookbook that makes great cooking foolproof – to ensure Christmas goes off with a bang.

Mother of two Jade, 26, is a reluctant cook and the thought of preparing the Christmas dinner had previously filled her with fear. Watch it…Do it, with its DVD and step-by-step book, has helped Jade overcome her apprehension and she now hopes to encourage thousands of other people who like her, fear cooking over the Christmas period.

The publishers behind the books understand the pressures that people face in the kitchen over Christmas and have therefore created an exclusive Watch it…Do it guide to cooking the perfect Christmas dinner. Available to download free from, cooking at Christmas, the Watch it…Do it way, has never been simpler.

Jade said, “I was pretty useless in the kitchen but Watch it…Do it has given my confidence a huge boost and I’m actually looking forward to cooking the turkey this year! Recipe books tend to scare me as I don’t really know the basics but with Watch it…Do it, I know that all the steps are there to follow from peeling and slicing to actually cooking. If I can follow the recipes to make a delicious Christmas dinner…anyone can!”

The Watch it…Do it guides are currently available from at the special price of just £7.99 (save £12,00) for a limited time and at all good bookstores. The perfect Christmas present for any ‘Can’t Cook’ or those who need a bit of confidence in the kitchen, the series includes Cooking For Kids Made Easy, Italian Food Made Easy and 50 Favourite Dishes Made Easy.
- ENDS -

Friday, 16 November 2007

News from npower


Andy Duff, CEO of RWE npower, was today joined by singer and young mother, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and pupils from Thornhill primary school, Islington; London, to launch the ‘npower Greener Schools Programme’ – a £20 million five year initiative designed to make UK schools more sustainable.

The npower Greener Schools programme aims to reach 2,500 schools by providing a combination of ‘green makeovers’ including free energy audits, helping to implement tailor made energy efficiency measures to reduce their carbon footprint and educating children on how to be greener. The programme will roll-out Climate Cop Academies to train children in simple ways to save energy in a bid to empower them to share their knowledge with their families.

npower’s Greener Schools Programme follows the Government’s National Framework for Sustainable Schools by focusing on:

Children: 7 – 11 year old school children will take part in the Climate Cops Academy designed to educate them about energy saving in a fun and dynamic way. A dedicated website will inspire pupils to do their bit for the environment through interactive games and downloadable activities
Curriculum: creative education resources for teachers based around the ‘Climate Cop’ theme have been developed to stimulate learning and deliver curriculum based knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency in Science, Geography, Citizenship and Environmental Studies and Education for Sustainable Development
Campus: schools will be offered free energy audits by trained professionals; advice on how to lower their carbon emissions, financial grants and where possible, practical help and funding towards energy efficiency and microgeneration measures including wind, solar or ground-source equipment
Community: the programme has been developed to raise awareness around the importance of energy saving in the wider community

Andy Duff, CEO of RWE npower comments: “The npower Greener Schools programme underlines our commitment to protecting the future of UK schools and the environment. Our aim is to make children feel empowered to make a difference and guarantee a brighter future.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor said: “As a mother concerned about the environment and education I’m really excited to be involved in the npower Greener Schools programme. The programme is unique in that it has been designed to motivate children to make their own choices in how they want to save the planet. Every day we can all do a few small things that together will make a big difference.”

Interested schools are encouraged to visit

- ends -

Thursday, 15 November 2007

News From Cancer Research UK

A Wise Move from Eley Kishimoto and Cancer Research UK

Global design duo and Cancer Research UK team up to create a bag for life
Cancer Research UK and design duo, Eley Kishimoto, have teamed up to produce an organic cotton re-useable shopper. Encouraging consumers to shop with a conscience and reduce the amount of plastic used in-store, this season’s ‘must have’ eco friendly bag will be available throughout Cancer Research UK’s 600 nationwide stores from March 1st 2008 at only £2.99.
The bag features an owl motif, and is in the spirit of Eley Kishimoto’s Autumn Winter 2008 collection, which will hit the catwalk during February’s London Fashion Week. To be one of the first 200 to snap up the Cancer Research UK bag, early birds can register online * from January 20th 2008 and reserve one of the pre-release bags. Lucky fashionistas will be able to celebrate LFW with this unique design.

Already a lucky mascot for Eley Kishimoto, the owl is widely recognised as a symbol of wisdom, guardianship and renewal of life. The sentiment and design were ideal to help raise awareness for Cancer Research UK, whilst helping to protect the environment. The water based printing inks and organic cotton material were obvious choices, and reflect the importance of responsible production. All profits raised from the collaboration will go towards research into beating cancer. Mark and Wakako of Eley Kishimoto said, “We’ve had friends with cancer and therefore we were very keen to design something where profits would help eliminate, control or improve quality of life for sufferers. We are delighted to be involved with Cancer Research UK for this exciting project.” Cancer Research UK’s retail director, Simon Ledsham, says of the collaboration, “We’re very excited about the collaboration with Eley Kishimoto as it will help us reduce our use of plastic bags in stores while also helping to fund vital research to fight cancer.”

Notes to Editors:
Bag for Life will be available from March 1st 2008 across all 600 Cancer Research UK stores.
Cancer Research UK Bag for Life RRP £ 2.99 in-store.
To register for the bag online, payment for the bag will be £2.99 plus £2 postage.
Together with its partners and supporters, Cancer Research UK’s vision is to beat cancer.
Cancer Research UK carries out world-class research to improve understanding of the disease and find out how to prevent, diagnose and treat different kinds of cancer.
Cancer Research UK ensures that its findings are used to improve the lives of all cancer patients.
Cancer Research UK helps people to understand cancer, the progress that is being made and the choices each person can make.
Cancer Research UK works in partnership with others to achieve the greatest impact in the global fight against cancer.

Monday, 12 November 2007

News from The Royal Armouries


It was reported last week that a knife crime is committed every 24 minutes[1]. Even more shocking is the estimation that 1 in 3[2] young people will carry a knife for protection at some stage. To help combat the problem, The Royal Armouries has today launched a new peer-to-peer campaign, NTK: No To Knives, which aims to persuade young people that carrying a knife could be the biggest mistake of their lives.

With the support of the Government, the Police, and leading weapons awareness organisations, NTK has four main objectives:

- To persuade young people that carrying a knife will not protect them and that there are smarter ways to stay safe
- To attract 1,000,000 pledges from young people not to carry knives via
- To provide practical courses in weapons awareness at a local level in London, Yorkshire and Hampshire
- To provide a platform for constructive debate on the knife crime issue and to promote knowledge sharing and best practice amongst community groups and other stakeholders

Perhaps surprisingly this exciting new initiative comes from Britain’s oldest museum – The Royal Armouries. However, with its unparalleled knowledge of weapons and armour, the museum is in a unique position to use its experience and expertise to help educate the public about knife crime, to change attitudes, and to stimulate constructive debate.

Peter Armstrong, Museum Director, Royal Armouries, said, ‘Sadly a lot of young people don’t realise that carrying a knife could be a recipe for disaster - so we decided to create an interactive peer-to-peer website to give young people a voice. Of course we don’t imagine that a website alone is going to solve the knife issue, but we hope that by raising awareness of the campaign, informing young people about the dangers of knives and delivering weapons awareness courses, we can have an impact. If NTK can persuade even one person not to carry a knife, it will have been worthwhile’.

The campaign has already generated a huge amount of interest from the many people involved with tackling knife crime across the UK and beyond. It provides a forum to bring together the many agencies working in this field.

One very keen supporter of NTK is Ann Oakes-Odger, whose son Westley was killed with a knife whilst withdrawing money from a cash machine. She commented, "Having tragically lost a son through knife crime I can not stress enough the importance of this campaign to help raise awareness of the very real consequences of carrying 'bladed weapons'. In an ideal world no parent should have to go through what I did".


News from Premier Inn

Premier Inn reveals workers missing breakfast costs UK business over £8 million a day

The business of missing breakfast is costing the UK economy £8,870,518 each day, research by Premier Inn reveals.

By skipping breakfast people are lowering their productivity in the workplace, taking longer to reach their full work potential. 14% of the population don’t eat breakfast and 803,489 of these workers don’t perform to their full potential for the first two hours of the day.

This is costing UK businesses £2,306,334,826 a year in wages on unproductive workers. If these workers did eat breakfast and perform from their full potential in the morning, it could boost the UK's economy by £20,408,620 per day.

Premier Inn’s research also highlights how not eating breakfast could be holding people back from reaching the top of their professions, with people admitting they are more easily distracted (25%), short tempered (15%) and more stressed (15%) if they have not eaten breakfast.

To combat this, Premier Inn has worked with top nutritionist Juliette Kellow to identify key breakfast nutrients that can maximise performance at work by counteracting adverse conditions that impact productivity:
• Reduce stress by choosing foods that contain magnesium to help relax tense muscles including banana, seeds and yogurt. Plus opt for eggs which contain the amino acid tryptophan to boost levels of the happy-chemical serotonin in the brain
• Improve alertness with foods that contain iron such as bacon, baked beans and bran flakes in order to keep haemoglobin levels high to ensure sufficient oxygen is carried around the body to the brain. Keeping hydrated is also key to aiding concentration
• Keep energy levels steady with low glycaemic foods such as porridge and baked beans

Successful business figures realise breakfast is a secret of success. Breakfast is the most important meal for Simon Woodroffe, Dragon’s Den star and founder of Yo! Sushi. Before every board meeting he gets into positive gear by eating protein-rich poached eggs on toast, which helps the brain to produce the mood-enhancing chemical, serotonin. Fellow Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones opts for a cappuccino, oatmeal flap jack and banana to provide sustained energy and concentration so he is able to calmly deal with anything thrown his way.

Juliette Kellow said “Premier Inn’s research shows that 14% of workers don’t eat breakfast. Having breakfast, and choosing the right food, helps you start the day with plenty of energy, so that you perform better and so are more productive and likely to succeed in your chosen career.”

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

News from Nick Jr

Nick Jr. introduces the first ever toddlaerobic workout

The first ever ‘toddlaerobic’ exercise routine is unveiled by pre-school TV channel Nick Jr. when it starts broadcasting a daily exercise slot for under-5’s from Monday 5 November, every day at 7.55am.

The routine, developed with children’s fitness authority FitKid, is an easy-to-follow sequence of movements and has been devised to improve children’s fitness and development.

As the Government warns that a quarter of children will be obese by 2050, getting children active at an early age has never been so important.

The daily slot is performed for pre-schoolers by pre-schoolers, and the first routine is themed on the weather. Including moves entitled ‘Reach for a Rainbow’ and 'Jump to the Sun’, Nick Jr. Mini Movers gets children interested, involved and having fun getting active.

“Mini Movers is part of our Nicktrition initiative to educate kids and families about balanced lifestyles”, says Howard Litton, Managing Director of Nick Jr. “Nick Jr. Mini Movers is a fantastic way to encourage little ones to have fun, getting active every day.”

Nicky Kay, Managing Director of FitKid who helped develop the Mini Movers routine, says, “It’s becoming increasingly worrying about the amount of children who do not take regular physical activity, and the impact it is having on their lives and our society.”

Mum-of-two and ex-Coronation Street, Bad Girls and Fame Academy star Debra Stephenson is fronting the campaign.
“My son is always dancing in front of the TV when music comes on”, she states. “As I know the Nick Jr. Mini Movers routine has been developed by experts in children’s exercise, copying it is helping him to practice beneficial moves.”

Nick Jr. is also on the look out for their very own stars for the next Nick Jr. Mini Movers routine to be aired on the channel next year.

For more information on Nick Jr. Mini Movers log onto

Friday, 2 November 2007

News From Buffalo David Bitton

From St. Tropez to Sultry 70s
Spring Summer 08 Womenswear

Buffalo David Bitton goes flirty and feminine for Spring Summer 08 with a strong selection of transitional day to night pieces, sitting alongside a nautical inspired holiday range and 70s inspired denims. Bright colours and prints flow through the collection on dresses, tops and denims, perfect to team with washed-out jeans and micro shorts. Whilst knitted dresses return for another season in light wool mixes and soft pastel shades.

Temperamental spring weather is best kept at bay with something stylish, and Buffalo David Bitton’s Wyandanch double breasted satin mac will make the ultimate style statement. In an elegant silver satin, its delicate sheen finish contrasts with the’ bold floral print lining. This is set to be the mac of the season!

Other key jackets include the cropped purple Resse biker jacket, with bracelet length sleeves and shoulder detailing – just the thing for teaming with the red Julie skinny jeans for a colourful summer look.

For some 70s vintage style, the Marcella halter neck in retro floral print with fitted waist and the Lillit empire line top with psychedelic print and patchwork side panels exude effortless retro appeal.

St Tropez sophistication has never been so easy with the red and navy striped Mamay Breton plunge neck t-shirt or the Ridgebury halter neck in cream and navy. Teamed with the sassy Puffer light denim hot pants or the chic white denim Cameron hot pant, Buffalo David Bitton revives the look of the Riviera.

This season Buffalo David Bitton’s denim collection goes sexy with Franci indigo high waisted jeans or sultry washed-out 70s flares like Penny. For the hot summer days the Dali washed-out micro shorts with integral plait belt are set to sizzle!

Buffalo David Bitton is an edgy lifestyle brand including men’s and women’s full collections with an expertise in producing denims with innovative washes and fits. Each collection is based on the brand’s interest to create casual wear with individual style, quality design and intricate detailing. Available in over 50 cities from Montreal to London, Buffalo David Bitton goes from strength to strength. With over 136 store locations in the US, including luxury department store Bloomingdale’s, Buffalo David Bitton is quickly gaining momentum in the UK through a range of high end independent retailers nationwide.

News From Buffalo David Bitton

An 80s Edge with 21st Century style
Spring Summer 08 Menswear Collection

Buffalo David Bitton Spring Summer 08 menswear takes inspiration from two key 80s trends, nu rave and preppy, while injecting a contemporary edge and individual styling. Small collars, granddad cardigans, striped shirting, large dogtooth prints and linen waistcoats create the ultimate preppy look with slim cuts. To compliment the smarter line, Buffalo David Bitton have created the nu rave inspired story with colourful geometric prints on shirts, polo’s and hoodies with functional and striking wet look zip throughs. Touches of quality materials, including leather and fleece, appear on jacket detailing while jersey materials are used on outerwear as a lighter option to heavier looking jackets.

Pushing the boundaries of typical ‘street wear’, Buffalo David Bitton combine tailoring influences with comfortable casual sillhouettes, offering flattering fits with finishing touches of design flair. The colour palette dares to go bright this season with graphic printed t shirts, hoodies and knits sitting alongside more subdued creams, khakis and browns.

Key pieces for this season include:

· Jycan- This catwalk inspired wet look zip up jacket in an army green is perfect for layering over short sleeve top for the cooler evenings outdoors.
· Fiyor- For the man who likes a bit of attention, this zip through hoodie’s prominent organic print has a matching t-shirt for a striking look.
· Silom- A lightweight striped short sleeved nautical inspired shirt with a chic collar for added design flair.
· Wahin- To add a bit of a twist to the basic granddad cardigan, Buffalo David Bitton has printed an eye catching design in white over the top of this chocolate brown wardrobe essential.
· Willies- lightweight white hoodie with geometric checkerboard print for a classic 80’s look.
· Evan- Continuing the success of the brand’s deep indigo Japanese denim, these jeans are perfect for a smarter look this season.

Buffalo David Bitton is an edgy lifestyle brand including men’s and women’s full collections with an expertise in producing denims with innovative washes and fits. Each collection is based on the brand’s interest to create casualwear with individual style, quality design and intricate detailing. Available in over 50 cities from Montreal to London, Buffalo David Bitton goes from strength to strength. With over 136 store locations in the US, including luxury department store Bloomingdale’s, Buffalo David Bitton is quickly gaining momentum in the UK through a range of high end independent retailers nationwide.


News From Picnics On The Piste

Picnics on the Piste…
Dine with style on the slopes this season

This winter add a little je ne sais quoi to your ski trip by dining on the slopes in style. Whether it’s a group lunch served on a table of snow in a custom built igloo or a romantic champagne dinner for two delivered by butlers on skis, Picnics on the Piste can create a perfect and unique culinary experience for everyone.

The premier alpine activities company delivers a range of mountainside services allowing customers to indulge in locally sourced food and drink without the need to queue for predictable restaurant meals.

Tailored to meet your specific requirements, Picnics on the Piste offers four tiers of menu: Green; an easily affordable lunch at €14.99; Blue; priced at €26.50 and Red; priced at €37.50

For a more extravagant and luxury way to dine, skiers can opt for the Black menu at €69.00, where skiing butlers will bring a decadent champagne picnic to location of your choice on the slopes.

Jean-Claude Baumgartner, Chief Operations Officer, Picnics on the Piste, said: “Our service is aimed at taking the hassle out of dining on the slopes and bringing quality food direct to skiers while they’re out and about on the mountainside. It’s also a novel and fun way to make a day’s skiing more memorable. And the children love it”

Picnics on the Piste can also combine its unique picnic services with alpine activities including skidoo rides to beautifully secluded picnic locations, Heliskiing to unspoiled mountain tops for an exclusive dining experience or Snowplane and Micro Light flights over the spectacular views of the Alps.

No matter how big your group is or how extravagant your request may be, Picnics on the Piste can tailor the perfect experience to make your next winter holiday unforgettable.

Notes to Editors:
· This season Picnics on the Piste launch the latest in technology with the unique Satski (GPS) system. It is an all new interactive piste map with satellite navigation and tracking system. This device can plot routes from A to B avoiding necessary pistes which is ideal for beginners. The Satski system has an in built colour touch screen and games on it for the children.
· Picnics on the Piste is offered in selected resorts in France, Austria and Switzerland

News From Oliver Sweeney

Oliver Sweeney Cracks It
Spring Summer 08 introduces vibrant colours and cracked distressed leathers

Oliver Sweeney, British luxury footwear and accessories specialist, injects a vibrant colour palette on updated classic styles while introducing new leather finishes for Spring Summer 08. The collection boasts the newest toe shape built on the patented Anatomical Last* called Race, which has an elegantly tapered toe contrasted with a signature angular sole unit and curved heel block. This particular toe shape is the base for new styles in bright shades including Coaster and Race. Using colours like green, pink, blue and white, Oliver Sweeney creates a playful collection with new layering effects, angular zip features, cracked leathers and pony skin uppers. Designs this season stay true to Oliver Sweeney’s look of sophistication whilst using materials in innovative ways to create a range with traditional elements but contemporary styling.

The key style for men this season is the shoe boot; Race features the striking distressed cracked leather applied to below the ankle boots with angular zips and a contrasting warm brown sole. Available in white, green, black or tan, the Race boot is perfect for summer dressing. Coaster is a sleek lace up shoe designed with a metallic underlay colour which comes through more visibly around the toe and heel area. Available in bright ocean blue, brown and black, the wearer can polish the shoe further, making the metallic finish more prominent in preferred areas. Oliver Sweeney uses its design heritage to produce a modern leather loafer called Doubles. This updated style has a central seam running the length of the shoe with signature embossed triangles lining each side- a perfect take on an old classic.

Oliver Sweeney’s timeless styles are made unique through the use of modern materials, colours, and tweaked uppers, lined with a deep blue leather to cradle the foot. The cracked white and coloured leathers are also seen on an Oliver Sweeney favourite- Soso is a perfect loafer for the self assured and discerning dresser. The Ravioli pointed loafer is given summer zeal with chocolate brown and jet black pony skin uppers.

This season the bold colourways, innovations in leather and new versions of old classic Oliver Sweeney styles illustrates brand heritage while using influences from current inspirations.

Notes to Editors:

- Oliver Sweeney footwear is made from the highest quality Italian leathers and is created around a patented Anatomical Last* bringing bespoke shoes to a much wider market. The Oliver Sweeney Anatomical Last has been sculpted to give support to the arch of the foot and features a gentle twist, which simulates the natural shape of the foot creating the most comfortable and ergonomically correct shoes on the market. Inspired by Oliver’s vision, the shoes, as ever, incorporate the signature ‘O’ and ‘S’ in their design and the original Oliver Sweeney heel block.

Oliver Sweeney is well renowned for its unique English design married to Italian craftsmanship.

Monday, 22 October 2007

News from npower

England’s power play to light up Rugby World Cup final

With the Rugby World Cup drawing to a dramatic close this Saturday, Britain’s Brightest Energy Company, npower, has been working with experts at Sheffield Hallam University to establish the sheer volume of energy expended over the entire dramatic tournament.

Saturday’s game in France will see England and South Africa putting all their energy into claiming the Cup and npower have estimated that the expected energy output being the equivalent required to:
· Keep 56 x 42” LCD televisions running for the duration of the final
· Cool down nearly 1,400 cans of beer to 4° C
· Light an energy saving bulb for fifty four and a half days
· Take 800 people around the London eye nearly 63 times
· Make nearly 482 mugs of tea

The power of the scrum alone in this battle of the Titans will leave a lot resting upon the shoulders of our front row, with scientists calculating that every metre our boys push the Springboks; they will be generating a force of nearly one tonne.

Given that an 80 minute game in The Rugby World Cup has on average 10 scrums, scientists calculate that energy from the scrums alone could power an energy saving light bulb for over four and half hours.

Throughout the whole six week Rugby World Cup tournament, the total energy generated throughout the 48 games, would be enough to:

· Make over 23,000 cups of tea
· Cool down 67,200 cans of beer to 4° C
· Keep 2,688 x 42” LCD televisions running for the duration of the final

With Energy Saving Week next week and our team’s duties over, perhaps we should harness their energy potential to help power the UK.

- ends -

Notes to editors:
The energy expended by an average rugby player was calculated using standing, jogging, cruising and sprinting times for the average back and forward during a rugby match. This data was taken from Deutsch and Kearney (2007). The energy required for each of these activities for a player of mass 98 kg was then calculated using values taken from McArdle et al. (2001).

The force values used in these calculations were calculated from values taken from Quarrie and Wilson (2000).

Deutsch, M. U. and Kearney, G. A. (2007) Time - Motion Analysis of Professional Rugby Union Players During Match-Play. In journal of Sports Sciences, 25, 461-472.
McArdle, W. D., Katch, F. I. and Katch, V. L. (2001) Exercise Physiology.
Quarrie, K. L. and Wilson, B. D. (2000) Force Production in the Rugby Union Scrum. In Journal of Sports Sciences, 18, 237-246.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

News From Bennetts

Gordon Brown – Hell’s Angel?
Bennetts unveil the biking alter egos of British celebrities

More familiar with chauffer-driven government cars, Gordon Brown is the ideal candidate to ride a Harley Davidson according to research out today. Bennetts, the UK’s number one for motorbike insurance*, has unveiled a new biking ‘calculator’, which enables anyone to find out which bike they should be riding, based on a series of personality traits. In addition to Brown, it found that David Cameron’s ideal ride is a powerful sports bike, David Beckham should be revving a Japanese street bike and X-Factor judge Sharon Osbourne should be taking long trips on her touring bike.

Bennetts commissioned sports psychologist and biking enthusiast Dr Murray Griffin from the University of Essex to analyse the data of over 2,000 UK bikers. The research revealed that celebrities, together with people across the country, are harbouring a biking alter ego and these can be divided into five simple categories:

1) Bank Holiday Bikers - born to ride a touring bike into the sunset
2) Boardroom Bikers - escaping the pressures of work on a powerful Harley
3) Scooter Commuters - speeding around the city on a stylish scooter
4) Rossi Rev Heads – desperate to impress with speed and strength
5) Muscle Motor Heads – passionate about having fun with a streetfighter bike

The data, now combined to form the Bennetts Biker Tribe online calculator, can quickly and simply reveal the biking persona of anyone completing the test. Simply log on to, answer a few easy questions and your personalised biking tribe will be revealed.

Dr Griffin’s study found that Gordon Brown is a Boardroom Biker and should escape the pressure of running the country on a Harley. No longer leather-clad Hell’s Angels, the majority of Harley riders are senior officials who don’t necessarily have experience of riding a motorbike. For David Cameron, image is everything and he longs for speed and power as a Rossi Rev Head. Younger than Boardroom Bikers (77% of the tribe are under 44); the majority of this biking tribe are made up from professionals and managers who are enjoying a final fling before taking on further responsibilities in life.

Other surprising celebrity biking personas identified by the Bennetts Biker Tribe Calculator include:
• Lewis Hamilton – Scooter Commuter
• Simon Cowell – Rossi Rev Head
• Victoria Beckham – Muscle Motor Head
• Ozzy Osbourne - Bank Holiday Biker
• Louis Walsh – Boardroom Biker

Dr Griffin says, “The traditional stereotypes of bikers have changed rapidly over the years and it’s no longer just bike fanatics riding motorbikes. Scooter Commuters, for example, are a rapidly expanding group with more and more people wanting to escape congestion on the roads.”

* Based on independent research conducted in July 2006

Friday, 12 October 2007

News from Impulse

Christmas Scentsation

Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler, secret Santa gift or something different for someone special, Impulse City Collection makes present buying a breeze this Christmas with a range of new gift collections.

Based on the three fashion and style capitals of the world, Impulse City Collection captures the romance of Paris, glamour of New York and edgy style of London so there is a scent to suit the style of every city chick.

Each leave the wearer refreshed, confident and ready to act upon any impulsive moment’s life throws their way.

The girl around town will love Impulse Minis (RRP £3.79) compact in a handy purse and perfect for impromptu winter dates. The New York Body fragrance wash bag (RRP £4.99) and the London Body fragrance tin (RRP £4.99) are the glamorous stocking fillers that will light up anyone’s Christmas.

Impulse has combined effortless style with the best beauty buys in the form of the Shopping Spree gift bag (RRP £6.99). Crammed with Impulse scents the chic pink bag is perfect for setting the ‘Sex and the City” mood this Christmas.

The trendy City Girl Pack (RRP £9.99) is also a must-have, oozing with Impulse delights and scents including limited edition Impulse City Shower Gel that will leave your skin glowing and irresistible.

Whether you treat yourself or indulge someone else this Christmas, everyone deserves to be spoilt with one of the fabulous, sophisticated Impulse City Collection gifts.

Notes to Editors:
The Impulse Christmas gifts are available from all major high street chemists and supermarkets
Stockist number 08000852769

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

News From Fila ...

Fila Sign Up Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan

Fila, the iconic Italian sports brand associated with 1970s style and fashion has signed up cult British actors Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan to be the face of its latest advertising and marketing campaign. Capitalising on the actors’ association with the brand following the successful 2005 film, The Business, the new Fila campaign will take the brands’ theme modern day playboy to the next level.

Focusing on the Fila Vintage and Gold collections, the campaign continues to inject aspirational appeal into the sports lifestyle brand. The advertising is set to run across titles such as Arena, Esquire, GQ and Golf Punk from December, with new executions to feature in the spring issues; this campaign represents a six figure investment for the brand. The advertising will be supported by a dynamic PR campaign that will include online and experiential exploitation driven by Fila’s PR agency Frank PR.

Marc Travis, Marketing Manager at Fila UK comments: “We are thrilled to be working with Danny and Tamer as the faces of Fila in the UK. Their cult status has great synergy with the Fila brand and we are excited by the opportunities this association presents. The new creative evolves from the current campaign and is injected with a directional and modern fashion aesthetic, that reflects the UK strategy and repositioning of the brand. ”


Notes to editors:

· Fila Vintage revisits Fila’s iconic White Line collection from the 1970s. Fila pay homage to the original line by capturing its spirit and ethos right down to the exact colours, fabrics and detail. This definitive collection encapsulates class and style with 70’s retro nostalgia whilst quality and finish is in tune with Fila’s Italian heritage. Fila Vintage prices range from £20 - £65
Fila Gold launched for the first time in the UK this Autumn Winter 2007. Previously only available in Italy, Fila Gold is the ultimate 70s Italian playboy inspired collection. An alternative to sportswear, this stylish collection is comprised of cashmere sweaters, sleek cut cardigans and tailored polo’s. This directional range made up of smart casuals inspired by the 70s is imbued with the quality and sophistication of modern day. Fila Gold prices start at £40
· The creative team includes:
o Photographer – Peter Zownir
o Creative Director – Ben Owen, Owen Dwelly Design
o Stylist and Art Direction – Tom Stubbs

Friday, 5 October 2007

News From

Osbournes Slot Into New Game

Britain’s favourite dysfunctional family have the online X Factor

X Factor star Sharon Osbourne has been immortalised in an all-new online game, along with husband Ozzy, children Jack and Kelly and her pampered Pomeranian pooch Minnie. The first ever family to appear in an illustrated slot game of this nature, The Osbournes will go live on today, in a game as mad as the wild rocker’s family.

Following the recent illness of Sharon’s favourite pet Minnie and her transatlantic dash to see her, Sharon is thrilled with Minnie’s inclusion in the game and the online personas of her family. Sharon says, "The game is fantastic. All the family have been brought to life and they even managed to immortalise my beloved dog, Minnie! I'll certainly have a little flutter when it's launched."

Made famous with their award winning fly-on-the-wall television series, the Osbournes have become one of the most recognisable families in the world. Despite their well-publicised troubles, the family remain close and supportive of each other. Since being launched into the media spotlight, the family as branched out into a range of successful careers. Sharon is currently filming her fourth series as an X Factor Judge, Kelly is appearing in the West End musical Chicago as Mama Morton, Jack hosts his own television show Adrenaline Junkie, whilst Black Sabbath rock star Ozzy oversees his family and remains the original Prince of Darkness.

The Osbournes is an online slot game packed with free spins, multiplier boosts and impressive cash prizes of up to £150,000. Sharon’s dog Minnie becomes a star in her own right as the game also includes an additional feature where players can be rewarded with free spins. The game features four levels - one each for Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly - with the goal of reaching Ozzy for the full reward - although each level carries it’s own cash incentive if completed. Log on to to enter the wild world of The Osbournes.

- Ends -

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

News from PopCap

- New study highlights concerns over quantity and quality of mum’s ‘Me time’ -

A staggering 95% of UK mums are highly stressed and only manage a mere 23 minutes of ‘Me time’ during each day. This compares to dads who, conversely, enjoy a whopping 4½ hours during the average weekday, a new study by casual games website reveals. Even worse, research indicates that mums waste these 23 minutes with activities that could actually increase their stress levels.

The study
[1] reveals a stark contrast between the ways in which mums and dads choose to wind down. Dads while away 4½ hours with activities such as going to the gym, enjoying a leisurely hour-long lunchbreak, reading the newspaper on the loo, watching TV and engaging in hobbies such as playing football, golf and fishing. However mums use their stolen 23 minutes to sit down with a cuppa (52%), smoke a cigarette (19%), eat a snack (18%) or gulp down a glass of wine (7%). According to the study these types of breaks are actually counter-productive as they don’t allow mums’ minds to rest from their worries - the most common, incidentally, being money troubles (66%).

PopCap worked with the Stress Management Society on the study, which revealed that nearly a third of mums are left wanting more time for themselves in a bid to take control, reduce their stress levels and lead a more balanced life (60%). However, it’s not just the lack of down time that impacts stress levels - it’s also what you do with the time you have. The study recommends that mums adopt one of these top stress-busting activities:

1. Get Physical: when we feel angry, pressured or worried, adrenaline is released into the body. Exercise helps to reduce this and produces ‘good mood’ substances in the brain.
2. Have a cyber-break: trial a 5 minute ‘cyber-break’ by logging onto your PC. Playing a casual game helps lower stress levels by reducing blood pressure, slowing breathing and heart rate. Tests
[2] prove that just five minutes a day on has considerable stress reducing benefits.
3. Stretch your body – and mind: yoga not only tones the body and boosts the immune system but also works to calm the mind by unlocking inner happiness, lifting your mood and leaving you feeling light and energised.

Cathy Orr, European PR Director at PopCap, said:
“The disparity in down time between mums and dads is staggering. Even if mums can’t change their quantity of ‘Me time’, they can still positively affect the quality of the time they have available. A recent study in association with The Stress Management Society showed that playing casual games on sites like for as little as 5 minutes a day has stress relieving benefits. If time-poor mums replace their cuppa with a quick PopCap session, it will help relax, recharge and refocus their minds to face the rest of the day.”

Both mums and dads are invited to log onto to assess their individual stress levels and receive bespoke tips and tricks on how to maximise their ‘Me time’ according to their individual lifestyle.

- ends -

[1] Tickbox Survey, 5th – 11th September 2007, Survey size: 926 mothers of kids under 10 year’s old.
[2] Tickbox Survey, 5th – 11th September 2007, Survey size: 926 mothers of kids under 10 year’s old.

Friday, 28 September 2007

News From Satski

The First ‘Real Time’ Interactive GPS Piste Map Hits the Slopes

Satski is set to revolutionise skiing holidays. This ‘must have’ ski gadget enables skiers to navigate the piste, record their day on the slopes and speed levels all from their pocket.

Satski is a touch screen colour GPS system which uses ‘real time’ while on the piste to plot user’s routes and guide skiers and boarders of all different levels around the resort, providing an easy to use, interactive piste map. The Satski display will show the users’ current location on the piste, replays previous runs or the full day skiing. Satski also includes useful information on local points of interest on the mountain like restaurants and lifts. Whilst tracking ‘live’ statistics on the piste, the Satski receives GPS signals constantly to allow users to navigate themselves around the mountain in ‘real time’. Satski also includes a built in MP3 player and gaming features, making this multi purpose gadget the ‘must have’ for this season, and beyond. It is the best way to measure a day’s skiing – from speed to distance travelled. Satski is set to change the way people explore and enjoy the slopes.

Suitable for everyone, Satski enables beginner and intermediate skiers to plan a full day out on the piste avoiding black and red runs and enabling them to navigate with ease to preferred restaurants and locations around the mountain. More experienced and competitive skiers can plot harder runs and measure their speed and terrain covered which can then be uploaded onto the resorts ranking site to compare stats with others.

During a day out on the mountain, the Satski can perform the following main tasks:
Tracking and updating your current real time position on the pistes
Updating statistics showing real time stats (Average ski speed, maximum speed achieved, distance, altitude, distance skied and altitude climbed/descended and more)
Storing to a data file your position, altitude, speed and distance – for analysis later

Satski Key extra features include:
An MP3 Player: Music downloads onto the Satski system to listen to throughout the day.
Interactive Games: A series of multimedia games ideal for keeping kids entertained during breaks on the slopes.
Links to emergency contacts: A series of emergency numbers that will be readily available if for any reason something goes wrong (e.g. local doctor/mountain rescue/Piste security)
Photos and information on restaurants: This will give the user a summary of restaurants and bars that are local to their position or located on the route plotted.
Après-Ski promotions: Offers and deals within specific bars in town giving users great deals for après ski entertainment.
Take home CD-ROM: Satski statistics and information from the time on the slopes can be downloaded to take home after the holiday.


Notes to Editors:

- Currently there are 13 luxury resorts offering the Satski service including: Tignes, Val d’Isere, Courchevel 1550-1650,1850, La Tania Meribel, Val Thorens, La Plagne, Les Arcs, St. Anton and Verbier however Satski can be used across the Alps and in North America.
- Satski RRP £1,500
- Satski rental through participating resorts £ 28.00 or €40.00 per day including take home CD!

News from Knorr

Marco Takes Stock
Michelin star chef teams up with Knorr

Fresh from his stint in Hell’s Kitchen, Marco Pierre White has announced his first partnership since leaving the TV show, with the ingredient he describes as “the best in the world” - Knorr stock cubes. The Michelin-star chef and restaurateur has proudly used the ingredient for years and is hoping to inspire people to use Knorr stock cubes in imaginative ways in the kitchen. He will also star in a Knorr advertising campaign over the next 12 months.

Utilising them in a variety of ways, Marco has used Knorr stock cubes as an integral ingredient in his award-winning dishes throughout his career. Still the youngest chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, Marco is happy to use regular household ingredients including Knorr within his menu, to enhance flavours within his cooking.

Famously describing Knorr as “ the best ingredient in the world” in an interview earlier this year, Marco knows you don’t always have to dissolve Knorr cubes in water. He even adds them straight into many dishes instead of salt and pepper to bring out the dishes’ true flavour.

Marco says, “I built my reputation using Knorr cubes and truly believe you can’t cook properly at home without them”.

Katie Lindridge, Brand Manager for Knorr, said “Throughout his career, Marco has talked about how essential Knorr stock cubes are to his cooking. We really believe his passion can inspire people to use them in different and exciting ways to help them in the Kitchen.”

Marco will be appearing in a selection of adverts for Knorr stock cubes that will feature some of his most popular methods for using the ingredient. From mixing it with olive oil and rubbing it under the skin of a chicken, to using the stock cubes to cook tasty vegetables, Marco has plenty of tips that helped him get to the top of his career.

Friday, 21 September 2007

News From Discovery Real Time London Ink

-Second giant statue unveiling for the Capital-

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 21, 2007 - LONDONERS are being besieged by massive human statues, as a second gigantic, life-like model is unveiled in the capital to mark the launch of London Ink (Discovery Real Time, 10pm Sunday 23rd).

Hot on the heels of a super-sized swimmer revealed at Tower Bridge on Tuesday, Victoria station is getting the London Ink treatment. Commuters will have to struggle around the huge figure as they battle their way into work.

Like something out of Alice In Wonderland, the giant female figure is sprawled across the station’s concourse one, her upper body squeezing into a photo booth. She is 16ft long and 7ft high and is and made out of reinforced polystyrene and hand painted to resemble human flesh.

On her back is a tattoo of a London pigeon, designed by star of London Ink Louis Molloy, best known for being David Beckham’s personal tattooist and ‘inking’ the world’s most famous tattoo, his Guardian angel.

London Ink launches on Discovery Real Time on Sunday 23 September at 10pm.

About London Ink
London Ink is a cross between reality TV and a docu-soap that follows the drama of Britain's most exciting tattoo studio. The show shadows the fiery relationships between some of the country's best tattooists - mentored by Louis Molloy. The real life stories of people who come in to get tattooed offer a fascinating insight into why people get inked.

London Ink is the British arm of Discovery Real Times’ Ink franchise which kick-started with highly successful US series Miami Ink, now in its third series. LA Ink has also just finished filming in Los Angeles.

About Louis Molloy
Louis Molloy, is best known for being Beckham's tattooist. Louis has a long list of celebrity clients having 'inked' many of Britain's sporting heroes from Becks to Freddie Flintoff and Ian Wright. His great relationship with the Beckham's saw him ink the world's most photographed tattoo - Beckham's gigantic Guardian Angel, a tattoo he has been asked to repeat many times for members of the public the world over. From this first meeting he forged a strong bond with the couple and has tattooed Beckham another eleven times and Victoria as well. He has also tattooed other Brit pop stars and soap stars.

News From Metro Ski And Snowboard Show

Metro Ski and Snowboard Show - Bringing the Mountains to the City

24th-28th October 2007 Olympia, London

You don’t have to be a winter sports fanatic or a regular on the slopes to enjoy a memorable and exciting day out at the Metro Ski and Snowboard Show – now in its 34th year.

This year, the show is an all-singing all-dancing interactive experience; combining both regular favourites such as the teaching slope and the World Resorts Village with eight all-new features, including London’s first ice rink of the season and a music venue the ‘gigloo’.

Whether it’s watching a fashion show, learning how to land a jump, doing some shopping or simply sitting back with a drink and soaking up the Alpine atmosphere, there’s something for everyone.

Snow Sports
If you’re looking for some hands on experience, beginners and enthusiasts alike have an opportunity to try their hand at snow sports. An experienced team of experts is ready to guide beginners on the purpose built teaching slope and all new ice rink.

For those seeking more adrenalin fuelled activities, why not take a look at the pros on the Trespass Quarter Pipe or Burton Rail Jam brought to you by Land Rover. Whilst you’re there, you can even scale an ice face on our Crystal ice climbing wall.

For the style fashionistas amongst you, head straight to the Brand Arena, where practical apparel meets high fashion, with iconic brands such as Oakley, Salomon, Nike ACG and Burton launching their winter collections. With a highly charged visually explosive fashion show, you’re guaranteed to find an outfit and equipment to set you apart from the crowds on the slopes this winter.

If being out on the slopes all day gives you a touch of frostbite, then head to one of our four entertainment areas to warm yourself up.
For those who love their music as much as their ski holidays, the Gigloo is a must! For the first time ever, we will be hosting a series of exclusive live gigs from a unique ‘igloo’ venue, in conjunction with XFM.

If you’re still in need of some entertaining, a visit to the Image Gallery and all-new Dare2b Video Wall area is a must. View a selection of winter imagery captured by the general public -from ultimate wipe-outs to sunsets on the slopes. In fact, why not submit your own snaps and videos on from 14th September.

World Resorts Village
If you’re craving a taste of something a little continental, experience fine cuisine from across the world, without having to leave the building, in our World Resorts Village. Mouth watering delights from countries such as France, Austria, Italy and Japan will be sure to satisfy even the finest of palates as well as holiday packages to suit every possible need – shop around for your perfect ski holiday and get the best deals out there.
If it’s a cold beer and a bar with a view you’re after, head to the stunning new roof terrace bar, where you can relax and unwind with views of the slopes and the Quarter Pipe below.

If after all of that, you’re still in search of an adrenalin hit, a visit to see the visually explosive international ice sculpting competition is a must! Plus there are husky dogs….phew! is that enough for you?


News From The Metro Ski And Snowboard Show

Metro Ski and Snowboard Show, a Family Winter Wonderland in the Heart of London

October 24th – 28th 2007 Olympia, London

With half term fast approaching, the question of how to entertain your little ones is not far from anyone’s mind.

The Ski and Snowboard Show – on the slopes with, is a one-stop shop to keep boredom at bay for children of all ages. The best bit is, after purchasing your family ‘Anti-boredom Pass’ at the door, all activities are absolutely free! Plus, without leaving the UK you and your family can experience wonders from around the world, all under one roof.

Fun on the Ice
Don’t miss a skate on the first ice rink to hit London this season! A truly magical experience for families - just don’t forget your gloves!
On route, be sure to take a peek at the international ice sculpting competition; accompanied by a pack of kid friendly, sledge pulling huskies - it’s a real showstopper.

Taster lessons
It’s a fact that kids are fearless and learn at a rate of knots, so give them a chance to exploit this with a taster lesson. Under the watchful eye of a team of dedicated instructors, children can enjoy their first taste of skiing or boarding on our purpose built teaching slope.

A head for heights
If your children are real action jacksons, why not send them to experience the thrills and spills of our all-new children’s climbing wall. Under the expert supervision of our experienced experts, the feature will bring the world of climbing to life.

The show offers a fantastic opportunity to kit out the entire family for the season ahead, including 12 of the biggest brands and major retailers such as Ellis Brigham and Snow & Rock offering discounts. To keep the kids entertained whilst you’re picking out the bargains, a visit to the fashion show is a must, a dancing visual extravaganza guaranteed to wow all ages.

Children also get the chance to design their own board in a competition with plenty of fantastic prizes.

A cultural experience
Give your children the chance to experience cultures from across the world, all under one roof, with our World Resorts Village. Food and drink from countries such as Italy, France and Japan will be on offer to give palates a taste extravaganza. It doesn’t end there, with travel representatives from across the globe at hand to advise on the most family friendly new destinations and latest deals, tailor making your dream holiday is made easy.
Après ski
If mums and dads are in need of a relaxing drink after an action packed day, head to the all new stunning roof terrace bar, where you can soak up the alpine atmosphere in style.

Ps. The free Ski Show crèche will be happy to look after your little ones whilst you enjoy a quick time out.

News From Sega - Sonic Rush Adventure

Tracking devices to monitor hedgehog’s movements

Sonic the Hedgehog, the world’s favourite hedgehog, has teamed up with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to help raise awareness of the hedgehog’s decline, which has seen them included on a list of species that need protection.

In an attempt to track the whereabouts of hedgehogs and to understand their daily routines, where they go and what they do, SEGA has fitted GPRS tracking devices to 100 hedgehogs and will monitor them daily over the course of the next fortnight. This research will go a long way to helping the BHPS understand what is happening to the UK’s hedgehog population.

To coincide with the 14th September launch of Sonic Rush Adventure on the Nintendo DS, SEGA, the iconic video game publisher, is inviting people to send images of how they help hedgehogs; from offering food to leaving a corner of the garden wild to make a hedgehog home. Images should be sent to and anyone sending in an image will be rewarded with a Sonic Rush Adventure prize pack.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society is involved in a project called HogWatch aimed at taking a snapshot of hedgehog numbers across the UK. Nearly 20,000 people took part in HogWatch which reported sightings and non-sightings of hedgehogs in 2005 and 2006, making it the largest mammal survey of its kind. HogWatch was launched in response to findings that hedgehogs have declined by as much as 50% in some regions and was backed up by a recent report published by leading scientists from the University of London.

Fay Vass, Chief Executive of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, said: “We really appreciate SEGA showing concern for hedgehogs and encouraging their customers to help stop the decline of Britain’s only spiny mammal. Hedgehogs were around before sabre-toothed tigers and it is important that we do all we can to ensure they are around for years to come”

A SEGA spokesperson said: “We’re delighted to be working with British Hedgehog Preservation Society to help raise awareness of such an important issue. Hopefully we can help to make a positive impact.”

Sonic Rush Adventure is on sale exclusively for Nintendo DS from 14th September. To be in with a chance of winning a copy of Sonic Rush Adventure, log on to and take part in the game.

News From Bennetts

Many bikers unconcerned about emissions – but majority make effort to cut their carbon footprint

Despite widespread awareness of environmental causes, over two thirds of UK bikers are unconcerned about their level of emissions, a survey by Bennetts, the UK’s number one for motorcycle insurance*, reveals.

The research, compiled from biking fans up and down the country, examined the biking community’s attitudes towards the environment – and how ‘green’ the UK’s bikers really are. It found that 71% of bikers admit to never considering the carbon emissions of their bike and that 54% never think about the green credentials of a new purchase. In addition, just one in four (26%) of those questioned said they would consider purchasing either an electric bike or one that ran on alternative fuel.

However, the vast majority DID admit to making regular efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. 95% of those surveyed admitted that they had made changes to their biking routine to help the environment. These include not over-revving, reducing the amount of riding weight and not idling (standing still with the engine on). Almost one in two riders confessed to regularly pumping up their tyres, which reduces the amount of fuel consumption, therefore helping the environment.

Marketing Director of Bennetts, Mark Fells said of the findings; “There is real evidence that environmental issues are becoming increasingly important within the biking community. Only five per cent of those we spoke to do nothing to cut down their carbon footprint, which shows how strongly many UK bikers feel about their impact on the environment.”

* Based on independent research conducted in July 2006

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

News from Nick Jr

Britain's children are not being told to "respect their elders"

New research reveals that only 25% of parents deem 'respect for authority' as an important family value.

Amidst fears that crime is taking over Britain's streets, a new survey by popular digital pre-school TV channel Nick Jr. shows that parents are no longer concerned for their children to 'respect their elders'.

The research, which canvassed over a thousand UK parents about their views on family values, reveals that only a quarter deem 'respect for authority' as an important value to instil in their children.

The study reveals a string of surprising findings, including the fact that religion is now seen as the least significant aspect of family life, with only 3% of parents thinking it important for their children. Additionally, with an ever-increasing divorce rate, it comes as no surprise that results indicate one in two parents don't consider the stability of family unit as an important value.

It’s not all doom and gloom as The Nick Jr. Family Values Report found that love and affection was chosen as the most important family value with 84% of the votes, closely followed by communication and quality time in second place with 64% of parents choosing this as their second most significant family value.

The report also revealed a distinct 'generation gap' between parents in different age brackets. Currently, one in five parents aged 16-24 see academic achievement as a top priority, whereas only 3.5% of over-55's feel the same way. The gulf between generations is also apparent in respondents’ views on mutual trust and integrity, with almost 50% of over-55’s claiming this is of merit compared with just 28% of parents aged 25-34.

Additionally, it was shown that 44% of parents believe kids today have more opportunities than they did when growing up, with only one in five parents aged up to 24 agreeing with this statement, rising to over half of 45-54 year olds. Despite this statistic indicating that younger parents are less optimistic about their offspring’s opportunities, a third of respondents aged 16-24 claim that their kids are having a happier childhood than they did and a quarter think their kids have more friends than they did.

‘These findings are intriguing due to the extremity of the results across the generations’, says Dr. Sandra Wheatley, a psychology consultant who specialises in the emotional aspects of family life. ‘Naturally you would expect to see some differences, but not almost a halving of the importance of something as central to family life as mutual trust and integrity. However, it is reassuring to hear that younger and older parents alike feel that love, affection and communication are valuable to a happy family life.’

‘It's interesting to note that younger parents don't perceive increased opportunities as leading to a happy childhood, which one might expect in a society that places such value on materialistic experiences - rather they seem to emphasise the contribution of emotional values such as love and compassion and having more friends.’

‘The family unit is certainly evolving and not necessarily in the way psychologists might predict.’

Nick Jr. is available on Sky 618, Virgin TV 715 and Tiscali TV

News from Nick Jr


New research carried out by Nick Jr, the popular digital preschool TV channel, shows that despite their reputations as fussy little eaters, British kids are in fact incredibly adventurous in their tastes, with parents claiming that by the age of five, children have tried everything from Chinese to Spanish and even Sushi.

The Nick Jr. study, which questioned over 1,000 parents found that whilst sausage, egg and chips might have been good enough for tea in their day, today’s mums and dads are passing on their love of international cuisines to their offspring. The reign of chicken tikka masala as our national dish looks set to continue, with 45% of children sampling Indian food. It also appears that the influence of Spain and France as top family holiday destinations extends to eating habits, a quarter of under fives have tried Spanish fare and over one in five have tasted French cuisine.

A clear regional divide is evident in the popularity of certain cuisines, with Scots leading the way on Chinese food - a huge 70% of Scottish under fives have eaten this Asian favourite, well above the national average of 58% and making it the most popular choice. Welsh respondents embrace Italian fare with 69% opting for this kid friendly food and perhaps unsurprisingly given the wealth of balti houses in the area, Midlands under fives are the biggest fans of Indian food with over half trying a curry.

The report also revealed just how much tastes have changed over the years, with parents aged 16-24 five times more likely to feed their little ones Mexican fahitas or Thai dishes than parents aged 55 plus, ensuring these cuisines are the fastest growing food choices in the UK today.

Bottom of the table is Sushi with an average of 3%, indicating that no matter how fashionable a cuisine might be amongst parents, kids are rarely tempted by the offer of raw fish.

With one in five parents claiming their kids haven’t tried any of the cuisines listed, there are still clearly some traditional ‘meat and two veg’ fans out there, particularly in Yorkshire where a quarter of parents surveyed claim their little ones stick to British fare.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of comments on the study findings: ‘The results of this survey prove that today’s parents are doing a great job of introducing their kids to international flavours at a young age and encouraging them to be adventurous with their food choices. We all know it’s important for families to eat together and if they can find a cuisine everyone loves this can make mealtimes a whole lot easier for mums and fun for all concerned.’

Notes to editors

The research for Nick Jr. was carried out by between 15.06.07 and 25.06.07 amongst a nationally representative sample of 1295/836 parents UK adults aged 16+

Nick Jr. is available on Sky 618, Virgin TV 715 and Tiscali TV

News from Discovery Real Time


LONDON, SEPTEMBER 18, 2007 - LOUIS Molloy, star of Discovery Real Time’s new show London Ink (10pm from 23rd Sept) has unveiled the UK ’s newest urban landmark – a gigantic, life-like statue of a man swimming through the grass next to Tower Bridge.

Louis, best known for being David Beckham’s personal tattooist and ‘inking’ the world’s most famous tattoo, his guardian angel, will add the finishing touches to the mammoth tattoo design.

In quirky Brit style Louis has created a tattoo motif of a beautiful Koi Carp lying on a bed of traditional fish and chips and splattered with salt and vinegar. He said: “The aim of the London Ink show is to make tattoos mainstream and change the stereotype of tattoos as only being for criminals and sailors. The huge statue is sure to be a major draw for tourists and Londoners, and get everyone talking about, and changing their opinions of tattoos.”

Reminiscent of movie ‘Attack of the 50 Ft Woman’ the statue at Tower Bridge is 46 feet long by 10 feet high and made out of reinforced polystyrene and hand painted to resemble human flesh.

The swimmer figure will be joined on Friday by a model of a giant-sized female crawling across the concourse at Victoria Station as she squeezes into a photo booth.

London Ink launches on Discovery Real Time on Sunday 23 September at 10pm.
About London Ink
London Ink is a cross between reality TV and a docu-soap that follows the drama of Britain's most exciting tattoo studio. The show shadows the fiery relationships between some of the country's best tattooists - mentored by Louis Molloy. The real life stories of people who come in to get tattooed offer a fascinating insight into why people get inked.

London Ink is the British arm of Discovery Real Times’ Ink franchise which kick-started with highly successful US series Miami Ink, now in its third series. LA Ink has also just finished filming in Los Angeles.

About Louis Molloy
Louis Molloy, is best known for being Beckham's tattooist. Louis has a long list of celebrity clients having 'inked' many of Britain's sporting heroes from Becks to Freddie Flintoff and Ian Wright. His great relationship with the Beckham's saw him ink the world's most photographed tattoo - Beckham's gigantic Guardian Angel, a tattoo he has been asked to repeat many times for members of the public the world over. From this first meeting he forged a strong bond with the couple and has tattooed Beckham another eleven times and Victoria as well. He has also tattooed other Brit pop stars and soap stars.

Photo call
Date: Tuesday 18th September
Time: 9.30am for a 9.45am start
Location: Pottersfield, Tower Bridge (between the mayor’s building and the bridge), SE1

The statues
The statue will be unveiled on 18th September and remain at the South Bank until 28th September when it will be moved to Greenwich. The statue at Victoria station will remain on Concourse One until the start of October.

News from Seven Dials

Rip and Run – art in motion

Collecting art has never been so free and easy. For the very first time in the UK, art lovers can ‘Rip and Run’, an exciting new way of making the art world easily accessible. Works from five of the country’s most exciting up and coming artists and illustrators will be showcased in one of the most fashionable pockets of London, Seven Dials.

This pioneering new concept takes its name from the fact that artwork can literally be ripped from its mount and taken away for people to do as they please, whether it’s to decorate the bedroom, bar, office or dorm- giving everybody the opportunity to run away with their very own Henry Holland or Michael Pybus.

Seven Dials has collaborated with five emerging artists and designers from the style bible, Dazed and Confused, to produce a series of five limited edition posters. From the 18th until the 22nd September, London’s sexiest shopping destination will be host to a series of oversized post-it style pads appearing in secret locations around the area. Only fifty limited edition pieces from each artist will be available to those in the know, to rip and run for five days.

Each day will see a different artist’s work exhibited in a series of ten locations in Seven Dials. Which artist it will be will only be disclosed to friends of Seven Dials the day before each piece of work is unveiled. The Dazed artists include familiar names such as Henry Holland, famous for the House of Holland T-shirt designs that have recently been adorned by the likes of Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh, David Saunders, founder of the outstanding ‘DavidDavid’ clothing range and former assistant to Tracy Emin and Michael Pybus.

Become a friend of Seven Dials at and be part of the UK’s first experiential rip and run movement that truly sets art in motion.

- ENDS -

Notes to Editor:

· Commissioned artists include:

Henry Holland

Manchester born designer, Henry Holland, first made headlines with his catchy, tongue in cheek T- shirts that celebrate and poke fun at celebrity folk. His Uhu Gareth Pugh and Get yer freak on Giles Deacon T-shirts triumphed the London runways during fashion week as Pugh and Deacon wore each others T-shirts to take their post-show bows. A BA graduate from the London College of Printing, Holland has already generated a cult following, with sales at major international stores including Colette in Paris, Barneys in New York and Harvey Nichols in London.

Kate Moross
Thanks to a strong right drawing arm, Kate Moross has received recognition for her work in the UK, and continues to work from her studio everyday. At the ripe old age of 21 Kate is trying not to overwork herself and now takes weekends off, the self confessed workaholic is hoping to knock a few years off her life, through her heavy work load and nicotine addiction. The end of this year will bring even more exciting collaborations, such as a Kate Moross for Topshop range, and her very own New Era design.

Michael Pybus

Michael Pybus graduated from Goldsmiths in 2004 and is currently studying fine art at the Royal College of Art. He incorporates a broad use of medium in his work using various media including, painting, collage, illustration and photography. He often incorporates all of these techniques into site-specific installations.

Pybus is an artist who is inspired by everything from old family photographs taken before he was born to 1980’s computer design through to today’s current obsession of terrorist threat and the Hollywood celebrity set. Pybus is fascinated by the romanticism of the past and simultaneously loves to explore shape and colour.

Matthew Green

Graphic Design artist Matthew Green graduated from Bath College of Art in 2002 and now owns his own creative studio. His darkly humorous and beautifully hand drawn illustrations has won him awards in his field of design and he will be showing in Paris and Berlin this autumn.

French is an artist and illustrator from Aldershot. He has a love of depicting all things evil, grotesque and morbid. An obsession with metal music informs French's work that literally draws the line between the magnificent and the repulsive. French’s sensitive and detailed line work celebrates and captures beauty within the shocking.

· The nearest tube stations to Seven Dials are Covent Garden or Leicester Square.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

News from npower

- New report issues warning to ‘dinosaur’ brands -

A groundbreaking study
[1], ‘The npower Challenger Brands Study 2008’, released today by energy provider, npower, reveals the eight ingredients that make up Britain’s best loved brands and issues a stark warning to some of the UK’s most established brands; including BA, British Gas and BT.

In ‘The npower Challenger Brands Study 2008’, many of the biggest and best known companies operating in the UK were subjected to an exclusive audit by 1,600 consumers and 150 marketing professionals to interrogate their brand personalities and uncover the traits that turn UK consumers on, and off. With 88% of UK adults saying they would be reluctant to buy from a brand they don’t identify with the study comes at a crucial time for British business.

‘The npower Challenger Brands Study 2008’ – the 8 ingredients for a successful challenger brand:

1. Strong Leadership
With their celebrity CEO’s it’s no surprise that 55% of respondents selected Virgin and Microsoft as the two brands with the strongest leadership skills. Interestingly, despite Stelios’s legacy, only 20% see Easyjet as a brand under strong leadership.

2. Listens
As consumers become more empowered it’s crucial that a brand is seen to be listening to its customers’ needs. 53% selected ‘come back king’ M&S as the brand most willing to listen while British Gas scored lowest for listening skills with only 8% of the vote.

3. Intelligent
As the underdog competitor to software giant, and near monopoly Microsoft, 54% cited Apple as the most intelligent brand for revolutionising the market by offering the creative alternative to Microsoft’s industry standards.

4. Innovative
Apple again came out top with 66% of the vote for its revolutionary products and innovative marketing. npower scored three times as highly as British Gas in the category for its sometimes unconventional, marketing campaigns, such as the first ever wind and solar ads.

5. Courage
34% paid tribute to Channel 4 as the second most courageous brand, beaten only narrowly by Virgin with a score of 41%.

6. Takes risks
Easyjet picks up 38% of the vote as a great example of a business with a risk-taking culture built within it. Some “Easy” risks have worked (Easyjet and EasyCruise) and some haven’t (Easycinema) but Stelios recognises that a brand has to carry on taking risks – even in the face of adversity. Debenhams, on the other hand, was perceived as the brand least likely to take risks.

7. Challenges
Virgin is crowned king of the challenger brands with 44% of the vote. The ‘old guard’ of established brands such as BA, British Gas and BT all scored lowest with just 3% of the vote. With 84% of respondents saying they prefer to buy from companies that ‘do things differently’ and six out of ten stating that they try to avoid overly dominant brands in a particular sector, the study highlights why it’s never been more important for businesses to challenge the status quo.

8. Maverick
When BA decided to ditch the Union Jack on the tail fins Virgin Airways spotted a great opportunity to hijack this icon and make it their own. It’s no surprise then that Virgin scores 12 times as highly as BA under this category. Similarly, npower recently demonstrated the brand’s youthful and irreverent spirit by hijacking ‘Sid’ – British Gas’s eighties brand icon – and bringing him to life via a cheeky brand campaign.

Threat to the establishment
Brands that fared less well in ‘The npower Challenger Brands Study 2008’ included some of Britain’s biggest and best known companies, including BA and BT, each of whom were perceived as ‘arrogant’ and ‘complacent’ by more than a third of UK consumers. Likewise heavyweight British institutions such as British Gas and ITV also came under criticism for their lack of agility, courage and failure to learn from their mistakes. However, giants who listen can come again. The reinvigorated M&S was the brand the British public could identify with most with a quarter (26%) saying M&S reflected their own values & identity.

David Molian, Cranfield School of Management faculty and brand consultant to npower, and one of the UK’s leading experts on challenger brand performance, says, “The npower Challenger Brands Study provides a compelling insight into brand identity and consumer perceptions. Today’s consumer is very brand-savvy. No business can afford to take its customers for granted. From the study we can see that the key ingredients for ‘challenger brand’ status are perceived intelligence, innovation, courage and strong leadership. British consumers have huge regard for businesses which they see as championing their interests – and won’t hesitate to slate brands which can’t meet expectations.”

Kevin Miles, MD of npower, who commissioned the research, says “As a young brand with high aspirations, npower commissioned the research to learn about the qualities and behaviour that creates a well respected, established challenger brand. One of the key insights was the need to understand your consumer and engage them in a personal and non-patronising way. At npower, we have always prided ourselves on our forward thinking approach, creating innovative and fresh marketing and comms campaigns that reflect our personality and brand principles at the same time”.

- ends -

For further information or if you are interested in an interview with either Kevin Miles, MD of npower or David Molian, brand consultant to npower, please contact:
Jo Chappel, Frank PR: Ph: 0207 693 7423 or
Nick McHugh, npower: Ph: or 01905 340 854 or

About npower
npower is the UK's largest electricity supplier and draws on 50 years experience in supplying electricity and gas. npower offers a range of essential home and business services to 6.8 million customers across the UK.

[1] The ‘npower Challenger Brand Study 2008’ was carried out by Tickbox in association with the Cranfield School of Management between 4th April and 23rd May 2007 on the following 24 leading brands operating in the UK: BA, Virgin, Easy Jet, British Gas, npower, PowerGen, Apple Microsoft, Sony, M&S, Debenhams, Primark, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, ITV, Sky, Channel 4, BT, Orange, Vodafone, Ford, Toyota and Skoda. Sample size: 1850 UK consumers and marketing professionals

Thursday, 6 September 2007

News from Brylcreem

Brylcreem casts new TV advert through MySpace

The grooming brand Brylcreem returns to TV screens with an advert cast through MySpace. The ‘effortless’ TV advertising campaign, created by WCRS, breaks on 8th September. Brylcreem Boys over the last 80 years include iconic British Stars, such as Dennis Compton and David Beckham. Joining the ranks is boy-next-door Sam, who will front Brylcreem’s ‘Effortless’ TV advertising campaign.

In a first for MySpace, Brylcreem found their hero in videos posted on the online community site. Father-of-two Sam Veale was chosen from a selection of clips showing effortlessly executed tricks performed by blokes from across the UK. Sam stars in the new Brylcreem advert directed by the highly acclaimed director Fredrik Bond – whose previous work includes adverts the likes of Adidas, Nike, Smirnoff, Lynx and Wrangler jeans – as well as directing Moby’s ‘Bodyrock’ music video.

Brylcreem also searched for a band to soundtrack the advert, inviting bands to upload a track onto the same site. The chosen track is by ‘B Raymond and the Voicettes’ – an unsigned band from Fife in Scotland who will be launched on the road to success with national exposure of their tune.

The advert, which shows a choreographed ‘effortless’ morning wake-up routine, is filmed as one whole sequence which is quite a feat given that Sam had to do a series of tricks that required perfect timing and genuine skill. It took 63 takes to get the finished advert and a ‘making of’ documentary will be premiered on MySpace along with the final ad on the 6th September . Out-takes from behind the scenes and of Sam’s journey to become the new Brylcreem boy will be shown on the new, revamped Brylcreem website, also live from 6th September (

Quotes attributed to Julie Baker, Marketing Director, Sara Lee Household & Body Care UK

Brylcreem is leading the way with new media and is the first brand to recruit an ad star from a social networking site. Sam is a new Brylcreem boy for a new generation who encapsulates the effortless theme perfectly. Normal blokes will be able to relate to him and his understated, straightforward style as well as wanting to have a go at the effortless tricks themselves.

Brylcreem has recently launched a new range called b:, targeting a slightly older market aged 20-30’s, giving our loyal customers who’ve used Brylcreem through their teens and early twenties a hairstyling product that delivers for the next stage of their life. The b: range takes hairstyling back to basics with a ‘less is more’ philosophy focusing on simplicity and an effortless approach to grooming.

News from Brylcreem

Brylcreem go for the juggler to launch new Advertising campaign

Just four months ago 34-year-old Sam Veale enjoyed a career as a party entertainer. Over the coming weeks Sam is putting down his juggling clubs and preparing for a life of fame, having been selected through My Space to win a lucrative advertising deal as the latest Brylcreem Boy.

Brylcreem Boys over the last 80 years include iconic British Stars, such as Dennis Compton and David Beckham. Joining the ranks is boy-next-door Sam, who will front Brylcreem’s ‘Effortless’ TV advertising campaign.

In a UK first, MySpace launched the search to recruit the new Brylcreem star, by asking men across the UK to upload clips of effortlessly executed tricks. Natural trickster Sam shone at an early stage and after beating off some fierce competition won the chance to become the new face of the brand.

The father of two from London started juggling after finishing University to pay back his student debts; this latest opportunity sees these skills, amongst others in a choreographed ‘effortless’ morning wake-up routine. In one-take, with no camera trickery Sam manoeuvres around obstacles whilst turning on TV’s with footballs, pouring drinks with no hands and much much more.

The quirky soundtrack to the advert comes courtesy of Scottish funksters ‘B Raymond and the Voicettes’, also recruited through MySpace.

Catch Sam’s premiere on MySpace on 6th September and on TV from the 8th

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

News From Fila

Fila Make Six Figure Investment in SS 08 Footwear Business

Fila is set to strengthen and develop its presence within the footwear market for SS 08 with a six figure investment in its most comprehensive footwear collection to date. The development of the Fila footwear collection has particular emphasis on the Vintage and Gold footwear collections that will offer a focused range that has synergy with the successful clothing lines. The success of the 2007 advertising campaign is a driving force for increasing the investment for 2008.

Distribution for the footwear collections will be aligned with the apparel; targeting fashion independents and key multiple footwear retailers that offer more directional product. To support the focus in their footwear business, Fila UK has already appointed a footwear category manager and will be adding a product development manager to the team to ensure the brand is really stepping up to the demands of the market.

Key styles span from White Line, 80’s inspired court and running originals, a fashion led Gold range to more off the wall vintage Basketball pieces. The Fila footwear collection fuses its heritage in tennis, running, basketball and motor sports to inspire its eye catching collection. Printed patents, stylish colourways and a 1970’s aesthetic will cement Fila as a major player in the footwear arena while keeping designs on trend with their signature sporty casuals look.

Fila UK Marketing Manager, Marc Travis says ‘Fila are looking to further strengthen the International and UK brand positioning following the success of the Vintage and Gold apparel by producing a strong complimentary footwear collection that works across all product categories. We predict this investment will produce a positive effect across Europe and with both current and potential Fila stockists’.

Notes to Editors:
· Selected styles to be available at JD Sports and independent retailers nationwide.
· Wholesale prices range between £ 20.00 - £ 35.00