Friday, 28 September 2007

News From Satski

The First ‘Real Time’ Interactive GPS Piste Map Hits the Slopes

Satski is set to revolutionise skiing holidays. This ‘must have’ ski gadget enables skiers to navigate the piste, record their day on the slopes and speed levels all from their pocket.

Satski is a touch screen colour GPS system which uses ‘real time’ while on the piste to plot user’s routes and guide skiers and boarders of all different levels around the resort, providing an easy to use, interactive piste map. The Satski display will show the users’ current location on the piste, replays previous runs or the full day skiing. Satski also includes useful information on local points of interest on the mountain like restaurants and lifts. Whilst tracking ‘live’ statistics on the piste, the Satski receives GPS signals constantly to allow users to navigate themselves around the mountain in ‘real time’. Satski also includes a built in MP3 player and gaming features, making this multi purpose gadget the ‘must have’ for this season, and beyond. It is the best way to measure a day’s skiing – from speed to distance travelled. Satski is set to change the way people explore and enjoy the slopes.

Suitable for everyone, Satski enables beginner and intermediate skiers to plan a full day out on the piste avoiding black and red runs and enabling them to navigate with ease to preferred restaurants and locations around the mountain. More experienced and competitive skiers can plot harder runs and measure their speed and terrain covered which can then be uploaded onto the resorts ranking site to compare stats with others.

During a day out on the mountain, the Satski can perform the following main tasks:
Tracking and updating your current real time position on the pistes
Updating statistics showing real time stats (Average ski speed, maximum speed achieved, distance, altitude, distance skied and altitude climbed/descended and more)
Storing to a data file your position, altitude, speed and distance – for analysis later

Satski Key extra features include:
An MP3 Player: Music downloads onto the Satski system to listen to throughout the day.
Interactive Games: A series of multimedia games ideal for keeping kids entertained during breaks on the slopes.
Links to emergency contacts: A series of emergency numbers that will be readily available if for any reason something goes wrong (e.g. local doctor/mountain rescue/Piste security)
Photos and information on restaurants: This will give the user a summary of restaurants and bars that are local to their position or located on the route plotted.
Après-Ski promotions: Offers and deals within specific bars in town giving users great deals for après ski entertainment.
Take home CD-ROM: Satski statistics and information from the time on the slopes can be downloaded to take home after the holiday.


Notes to Editors:

- Currently there are 13 luxury resorts offering the Satski service including: Tignes, Val d’Isere, Courchevel 1550-1650,1850, La Tania Meribel, Val Thorens, La Plagne, Les Arcs, St. Anton and Verbier however Satski can be used across the Alps and in North America.
- Satski RRP £1,500
- Satski rental through participating resorts £ 28.00 or €40.00 per day including take home CD!


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