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This summer, kids have been rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty, not by messing around in the mud but rather by donning aprons and caps for a UK food company.

Eat Natural, the UK’s favourite snack bar has enlisted the help of a group of children to help create a new dedicated kids line, ‘Eat Natural Lunchies’, wholesome snack bars ‘stuffed with fruit’ (but ‘no nuts’), and importantly developed by kids for kids.

Getting kids into the boardrooms of UK business is not a new thing. Toy and PC manufacturers have been working with children for years to test new products but never before has a food brand set up a dedicated and permanent ‘Kidsboard’ to develop permanent lines on-shelf.

The ‘Eat Natural Kidsboard’ is a group of eight kids, boys and girls, aged between seven and 13, with a very genuine interest in food and cooking, who are fed up with snacking on “grown-up” snack bars – and know a thing or two about what’s good for them.

Recipes developed by the Eat Natural Kidsboard from scratch at the Eat Natural Makery, based in Halstead, Essex, will go on-shelf at UK supermarkets across the UK later this Autumn and the Kidsboard will also have their own “stamp of approval”, ABC – Approved By Children – which will be printed on any Eat Natural bars that they have helped to create.

Praveen Vijh, co-founder of Eat Natural says: ‘The problem is that the average age of the team here at Eat Natural is, shall we say…past school age! While we’d all like to think we’re big kids at heart, we are a few years removed from those we’re creating the bars for. It made perfect sense to create a Kidsboard when we wanted to develop kids food.’

Praveen continues, ‘If we’re going to make bars for kids then it should be the kids who tell us what they’d like in them and how they’d like them made. Adults often underestimate how much children really do know about good food and how it looks and tastes.’

The Eat Natural Kidsboard will be an ongoing initiative used to create bars by the kids for the kids. They are increasingly savvy and know exactly what they want…so who better to be the ones to advise!

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To talk to a member of the Eat Natural Kidsboard or Eat Natural co-founder Praveen,
please contact Frances Lees or Lucy Sadler on 020 7693 6999
or email

One-to-one masterclasses can also be pre-arranged at the Eat Natural Makery in Essex

Notes to Editor:

Down at the Eat Natural Makery, we reckon that making delicious fruit and nut bars is pretty straightforward.

We make sure that we only ever use the best possible ingredients...stuff that is sourced from like-minded growers around the world, who believe, like us, that real taste comes naturally...not from dodgy additives.

We always keep our recipes beautifully simple, so you can really taste what’s in there...and we make the bars in small batches too, so that every one is made with the same love and care.

We’d like to think it’s just how you’d do it yourself, in your own kitchen.

Simple idea. Simple recipes. Simple ingredients.

Simple...isn't it?

Eat Natural bars are available in all major supermarkets and leading independents and specialists across the UK.

To find out more, go to

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