Friday, 28 September 2007

News from Knorr

Marco Takes Stock
Michelin star chef teams up with Knorr

Fresh from his stint in Hell’s Kitchen, Marco Pierre White has announced his first partnership since leaving the TV show, with the ingredient he describes as “the best in the world” - Knorr stock cubes. The Michelin-star chef and restaurateur has proudly used the ingredient for years and is hoping to inspire people to use Knorr stock cubes in imaginative ways in the kitchen. He will also star in a Knorr advertising campaign over the next 12 months.

Utilising them in a variety of ways, Marco has used Knorr stock cubes as an integral ingredient in his award-winning dishes throughout his career. Still the youngest chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, Marco is happy to use regular household ingredients including Knorr within his menu, to enhance flavours within his cooking.

Famously describing Knorr as “ the best ingredient in the world” in an interview earlier this year, Marco knows you don’t always have to dissolve Knorr cubes in water. He even adds them straight into many dishes instead of salt and pepper to bring out the dishes’ true flavour.

Marco says, “I built my reputation using Knorr cubes and truly believe you can’t cook properly at home without them”.

Katie Lindridge, Brand Manager for Knorr, said “Throughout his career, Marco has talked about how essential Knorr stock cubes are to his cooking. We really believe his passion can inspire people to use them in different and exciting ways to help them in the Kitchen.”

Marco will be appearing in a selection of adverts for Knorr stock cubes that will feature some of his most popular methods for using the ingredient. From mixing it with olive oil and rubbing it under the skin of a chicken, to using the stock cubes to cook tasty vegetables, Marco has plenty of tips that helped him get to the top of his career.

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