Friday, 19 September 2008

News from Monster Munch


For all those grown ups who have spent years wondering if it is their growing hands that made Monster Munch appear smaller, they will be pleased to hear that Walkers Snacks is rewinding the clocks, and returning the snack to its original monster size!

The re-launch comes in response to growing consumer demand and will take Monster Munch back to the original retro pack design and old texture, flavour and crunchiness that consumers remember and love.

The re-brand will see the loveable Monster Munch Monsters, stars of the 70s and 80s advertising campaign, back on pack. The monsters will stir memories for millions who remember the ads with the same nostalgic fondness as the A-team, space hoppers and leg warmers!

Dominic South, Monster Munch Senior Brand Manager, says:
‘We’re hugely excited to be re-launching Monster Munch and taking the brand back to how it used to be. Consumers have made it clear through both our own research and within online communities that they miss Monster Munch the way it used to be. It’s great that a product like this can evoke so many memories for people and we think the re-launch will appeal to the big kid in us all!’

From September the re-branded Monster Munch will be back on shelf, as Mega Monster Munch, available in Roast Beef, Pickled Onion and Flaming Hot flavours. Each 40g packet will have a RRP of 50p and will be based on the original pack design complete with the reappearance of the Monster Munch Monsters.

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