Thursday, 27 November 2008

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Sacré bleu! Brits name French icon queen of cool: Carla Bruni tops Cool List 2008

Cross-channel rivalries have been put aside as the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, is today named the coolest person of the year in the Alternative Cool List 2008. The former model and singer-songwriter has rocketed to the top of the poll with almost a quarter (22 per cent) of all votes, in a year that has seen her marry French president Nicolas Sarkozy, release her third album and stay with the Queen on a state visit to Britain.

In the week that the NME prepares to unveil its Cool List of hot young personalities, the poll of over 4,000 Brits reveals Carla, a former girlfriend of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, is the people’s choice to be crowned queen of cool in 2008. Beating a number of cool kids who are likely to appear on the NME list, Carla has had a remarkable year that included a performance alongside Metallica on Later With Jools Holland and an auction of a nude photograph of her selling for more than 20 times the expected price at Christie’s.

Beating an enviable list of female musicians to the top spot, Bruni is tailed by alternative singer Kate Bush (14 per cent), British girl band Girls Aloud (13 per cent) and American singer Beyoncé (10 per cent) in the poll. Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant (nine per cent) is the top male to appear in the Cool List 2008, the full results of which can be seen at The most surprising entry in the poll comes in the form of Peter Kay’s fictitious character and singing sensation Geraldine McQueen who also received nine per cent of the vote after beating X-Factor’s real winner Leon Jackson in a recent chart battle.

Also completing the list is Kylie (seven per cent) who conducted her KYLIEX2008 European tour earlier this year and currently celebrating his 50th year in music, Cliff Richard received four per cent of nominations together with manband Take That who are continuing their cool comeback. Sir Paul McCartney received three per cent of votes together with Jay-Z who appears seven places behind his wife Beyoncé after a secretive marriage earlier this year. Finally, British singer Estelle makes up the top twelve coolest characters of 2008 with two per cent of the vote. Cool List 2008

Carla Bruni - 22%
Kate Bush - 14%
Girls Aloud - 13%
Beyoncé - 10%
Robert Plant - 9%
Geraldine - 9%
Kylie - 7%
Cliff Richard - 4%
Take That - 4%
Paul McCartney - 3%
Jay-Z - 3%
Estelle - 2%

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