Tuesday, 22 January 2008

News from Premier Inn

It’s official: Right is wrong when it comes to
which side to get out of bed

Experts put an age-old debate to rest

Monday 14th January 2008: Anyone getting up in a less than positive frame of mind this gloomy Monday may be asked, “What’s up with you this morning? Get out of the wrong side of bed?”

But what is ‘the wrong side’? Boffins at leading hotel chain, Premier Inn, have settled the answer to that age-old question once and for all. They announce today that when it comes to getting out of bed, RIGHT IS WRONG and we should all be aiming to get up on the LEFT.

The conclusion was made following hot debate by experts from the fields of sleep science, Feng Shui and psychology. Dr Chris Alford, Jan Cisek and Pete Cohen studied the phenomenon and applied principles from their various fields to help Premier Inn’s team determine that the left side is in fact the right [correct] side.

Premier Inn spokesperson, Sarah Simpson, says the study was commissioned as an extension of Premier Inn’s unique ‘Good Night Guarantee’, offering guests their money back if they don’t have a good night’s sleep:

“We wanted to take this one step further and ensure our guests’ good night’s sleep isn’t spoiled and they have a great day ahead.”

How the conclusion was made:
Principles of Feng Shui and elements of known left-brain function helped to establish the conclusion.

According to the Feng Shui principle of Bagua; creating harmony through the use of space, the left side of the bed is associated with what we hold dear – family and health, money and power (knowledge).

Feng Shui expert Jan Cisek says: “By getting out of bed on the left side, you direct positive energy into the corresponding areas of your life. It is a powerful tool that can also be used to help you arrange your bed when you’re staying away from home”.

The study further determined that getting out of bed on the correct side goes beyond just the physical action of getting out on the left side. It also includes the use of the left side of the brain to prepare the mind for having the best possible day.

The left side of the brain is responsible for logical and analytical function. Psychology and motivation expert Pete Cohen says it is this side we use to think rationally about the day ahead:

“Before getting out of bed on the left, consider the day and its benefits. The right side of the brain is responsible for emotions like fear and stress, which only dilute your potential for having a positive experience”.

What if I got out of the ‘wrong side’ of bed this morning?
The study produced simple techniques Brits can use to help salvage a day that has begun badly from getting out of bed on the wrong side.

Sleep expert Dr Alford says one of the key techniques is reducing the sleep chemicals that build up in the brain over the course of a day, contributing to feelings of irritability and lethargy:

“By taking a power nap or going into a meditative state for twenty minutes, you can reduce the level of sleep chemicals and start your day over feeling more relaxed and calm.”

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