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Snacking is scuppering Britain's bid to beat the bulge

Research show Brits unwittingly consume at least 73,000 unnessary calories* each year, but help is at hand as the Hunger Shot minidrink, goes on sale TODAY

It may seem like ‘a little something to tide you over’, but the average woman’s daily snack attack adds an average 200* “stealth” calories a day, that’s 73,000 additional calories over the course of a year. If that snack is over and above the calories you need for the day, it could pile on a shocking 1.5 stone / 10.3kg per year, which on average amounts to an increase of 1.5 dress sizes. New research announced today reveals that almost 50% of Brits firmly believe snacking is THE reason they fail to shake off those extra pounds. But help is at hand in the form of the new Hunger Shot mini-drink, which goes on sale TODAY.

The ‘Snack-shot’ of the Nation Report has been unveiled to mark the launch of the Hunger Shot minidrink: a high protein, high fibre minidrink designed to help you want to eat less between meals. From the makers of Slim.Fast, the unique blend of fibre and protein in Hunger Shot helps you want to eat less between meals. Perfect for those moments between meals when we tend to feel a little peckish and reach for a snack. Best of all, at 54 calories per serving, Hunger Shot is 50 to 100 calories less than the most popular snacks.

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter comments, “Surveys show that we are a nation of snackers. Unfortunately snacks that people usually choose tend to be high in fat and sugar and so have unnecessary calories, which can lead to weight problems. This product provides a high protein high fibre lower calorie snack alternative designed to help people feel fuller for longer and so eat less.”

Five o’clock is snack o’clock
As a nation we are famous for elevenses and afternoon tea, yet research reveals that snack attacks are most likely to occur at 5pm, the official time when most Brits will have their hands in the biscuit tin. Yet, with over HALF (55%) of Brits admitting that they have no idea how many calories their snacks contain, it’s no wonder that as a nation, we are losing the battle of the bulge.

Snacking hotspots
With more Brits spending longer days at their desks, it’s not surprising that just under a third of respondents (29%) said they ate most of their calories at work. The main snacking hotspot, however, is right on their doorstep with 69% of Brits consuming their snacks at home.

But most surprising of all, is the nation’s ability to multi-task whilst snacking. Just over one in ten of us (11%) snack whilst doing the housework- housewives across the UK like nothing better than to blitz their home with a snack in one hand and a Hoover in the other.

Snack prevention Squad
With 75% of Brits constantly thinking about snacking throughout the day, it’s hardly surprising that we go to extreme lengths to avoid naughty nibbling. 18% of Brits drink endless cups of tea and coffee in a bid to starve off their snacking pangs, others admitted to taking exercise and even having sex in a bid to keep their hunger at bay!

When snacking occurs – reach into the fridge!
Now there’s no longer a reason to go to extreme lengths to banish the snack-attack. At 54-calories, in either Strawberry or Vanilla flavour, an individual Hunger Shot is on average, 50 to 100 calories less per serving, than the most common snack of 100 to 200 calories.

Gemma Cleland, European Brand Development Manager for Slim.Fast says, “We have been speaking to consumers about weight loss for over 20 years. Time and time again, snacking comes up as a common downfall when trying to curb the calories. As the SnackShot of the Nation report shows, British womens snacking is contributing 200 calories* unnecessary calories to their daily intake which can hinder them from achieving their weight loss goals. Our research told us that women wanted something sweet to satisfy their hunger pangs and curb their cravings for sugar. We developed Hunger Shot minidrink in response to this need. At 54 Calories, Hunger Shot is a great option with high levels of protein and fibre to help individuals feel fuller for longer.”

From the 4th February 2008, Hunger Shot will be available from Tesco, and all major supermarkets from April 2008, and can be found in the refrigerated minidrink aisle. Hunger Shot will be sold in packs of four, at a recommended retail price of £2.89.


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Emma Russell / Jenny Mitton on 020 7693 6999

Notes to editors

* Based on data from the National Diet & Nutrition Survey (Henderson et al. 2003). The average woman consumes 12% of total food energy daily from foods like buns, cakes, crisps and chocolate. That is equivalent to at least 200 Calories per day or 1300 Calories per week.

Snack Shot of the Nation Report

The Snack Shot of the Nation Report questioned 1000 men and women across the UK. Ipsos Mori December 2007

Hunger Shot™

Hunger Shot™ is a delicious yogurt drink packed full of protein and fibre that helps you want to eat less between meals.

• A chilled 100ml mini drink
• Dairy based
• Available in two favours – Strawberry and Vanilla
• 54 calories per minidrink
• Sold as a 4-pack
• RRP £2.89

For stockists contact the Slim.Fast careline on 0800 587 447 or visit
Hunger Shot™ is available in Tesco now and in all other major supermarkets from April 2008.

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