Thursday, 18 December 2008

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Boris, Brand & Ross take the Brylcreem Best & Worst Celebrity Hairstyle Awards 2008

10th December 2008, The British public has decided that Boris Johnson has the best celebrity hair of 2008. Continuing his popularity with voters, London Mayor Boris Johnson has secured a surprise second victory to close the year, topping the style stakes and being crowned Brylcreem Best Celebrity Hairstyle Award, 2008. Meanwhile, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have another reason to feel red-faced, being named 1st and 2nd respectively in the Worst Celebrity Hairstyles of 2008.

The research, carried out to celebrate the 7th annual Brylcreem National Men’s Hair Week, questioned people from across the UK to find out which male celebrities score best and worst in the hairstyle stakes.

Commenting on his win, Boris Johnson said: “I'm baffled but delighted by this award. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me. I’m afraid that other people probably pay more attention to my barnet than I do and over the years I’ve had various suggestions for what to do with it including a Mohawk. However, the Johnson hairstyle is, I fear, impossible to imitate, as it is a product of random and competing forces of nature.”

GMTV’s Ben Shepherd, who plays it stylishly safe with a short back and sides scooped second place while it is Prince Harry who picks up 3rd , beating his brother Prince William who the public voted among the Worst (11th), to be in line to the style throne.

Meanwhile, house wives favourite John Sergeant might have hung up his dancing shoes but his sense of self expression continues to earn the public’s approval as he waltzes his way into the top ten of Best.

Heading up the Worst, Brand and Ross may be keeping low profiles following the Sachsgate storm, but their taste is once again called into question as their unique hair-dos lead them to be jointly named bottom of the style stakes.

And while Simon Cowell will be feeling chuffed to have his protégée Eoghan Quigg reach the X Factor final this weekend, the mentor seems to be doing little favour in setting up the 16 year old to top the style charts, with them both sporting Worst Celebrity Hairstyles.

On the sports field, Manchester United goal-machine Wayne Rooney and BBC Sports Personality nominee Andy Murray appear to have spent too much time picking up trophies at the expense of looking in the mirror, coming in 3rd and 8th respectively.

Best Celebrity Hair 2008:
Boris Johnson
Ben Shepherd
Prince Harry
James McAvoy
Peter Jones
Guy Ritchie
Alex Zane
Danny Cipriani
Kevin Pietersen
John Sergeant

Worst Celebrity Hair 2008:
Russell Brand
Jonathan Ross
Wayne Rooney
Gordon Brown
Simon Cowell
Eoghan Quigg
Pete Doherty
Andy Murray
Rhys Ifans
Robert Kilroy Silk

Although Boris says his hair is impossible to imitate, Brylcreem Style Director Louis Byrne gives his advice on how to achieve ‘The Boris’:

“Underneath that messy exterior there is a strong, structured haircut which forms the foundations of Boris’s look. The length of the hair is left long with lots of texture cut in to it, this creates the loose frayed edges and undone quality. When styling, the key is to use a long-lasting non greasy hair paste, like Brylcreem’s antiStyler, to help hold the texture and cut of the hair.”

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