Wednesday, 24 December 2008

News from Virgin Media


Strictly Come Dancing star Rachel Stevens officially switched on the new Virgin Media 50Mb broadband service in London today, to mark the launch of the UK’s fastest broadband service.

The new ultrafast 50Mb broadband is nine times the speed of average headline broadband speed in the UK, meaning that fans will be able to stream and download catch-up shows like Strictly Come Dancing, faster than ever before. Virgin Media’s new 50Mb service signals the launch of the first next-generation broadband network in the UK and will allow Brits to enjoy new and more engaging content such as high quality online TV, gaming and music services.

Rachel Stevens said, "I use the internet every day so broadband is essential and the faster the better, as it means I can fit more into my day! I'm in regular email contact with my team and friends and I'm re-designing my website at the moment which involves lots of imagery approval so I couldn't be without it. I love fashion and browse and buy clothes online. This year I'm Christmas shopping online too! Virgin Media's ultrafast 50Mb broadband means I can surf faster and download music and Strictly Come Dancing clips in a fraction of the time, which, when things are as busy as they are at the moment, helps make life a lot easier."

The 50Mb service will allow users to download an entire music album in as little as 11 seconds; a TV show in around a minute, a high quality movie in as little as 3½ minutes and a high definition movie in around fifteen minutes. The increased performance also means that multiple users can be on the internet at the same time, all with a fantastic experience, making it perfect for families, working couples, home-workers as well as individuals wanting the best in broadband. To find out more please visit

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