Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Hovis goes Ga-Ga for new scarecrow

Lady Ga Ga, famous for her scary outfits and bizarre make-up, is the inspiration behind a new range of scarecrows for Hovis – thanks to one Brits-watching farmer.

Nigel Britten from Whelan Farm in Surrey is one of over 600 farmers growing premium wheat exclusively for Hovis as part of its move to using 100% British wheat. He came up with the idea after seeing Lady Ga Ga’s latest fashion creation at the Brit Awards.

Nigel said “We’ve been worried about the increasing audacity of birds on our farms for some time. The old ways just don’t seem to work anymore, so farmers are having to become more and more inventive. I was watching Lady Gaga at the Brits with my wife and the idea suddenly came to me!”

“I know it’s not the most traditional scarecrow, but I suppose we have to move with the times! I don’t know whether it’s the dress or the hair but the birds are terrified – they daren’t approach the field anymore. Though I suppose she does look pretty scary”.

Marie Davies, Marketing Manager at Hovis said “We’re very excited by our move to 100% British Wheat and are passionate about protecting our crops which have taken over five years to perfect. The Lady Ga Ga scarecrow is a little bit unusual but it’s been a great success for Nigel and it’s definitely something we’re now considering rolling out to all our Hovis 100% British wheat farms”

Hovis has made a milestone change to its entire product range baked in Great Britain by switching over to flour milled from 100% British wheat and supporting British farming. Hovis is the first major bread brand to make this change.

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