Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Save Our Pits!
Odour-conscious Brits unveiled by The Body Shop® ‘Perspiration Nation’ report

Almost half (46%) of Brits consider sweaty or smelly armpits to be the ultimate body crime, according to research released today by The Body Shop®. The hygiene no-no topped the list of bad body etiquette ahead of yellow teeth (11%), greasy hair (9%) and even smelly feet (4%), in the national study of underarms.

The ‘Perspiration Nation’ report, commissioned by The Body Shop to mark the launch of its’ new aluminium salt-free deodorant collection DeoDry, also revealed that 43% of Brits admit to being most concerned about body odour whilst at work. After exercise, sex was found to be the biggest sweat-inducer at 60%, followed by conducting a presentation (54%), being late for work (42%) and confrontational situations (38%). The report also revealed we should expect to get sweatier as the summer hots up, with 15th July predicted to be the sweatiest day of the year.

Almost three quarters (72%) of bold Brits admit they would prefer to be told if they had body odour and it seems they’re more than happy to name and shame their European counterparts. The French were billed as the ‘wiffiest’ in Europe with 30% of us considering them to be the smelliest European nation in the survey, followed by the German’s in second place (23%) and the Greek’s who secured third place at 14%.

As a nation, we take a regimented approach to our deodorant application with 65% citing it the most important part of the morning routine and over half (54%) claiming that they would never forget to apply deodorant. The study times with the release of the new DeoDry collection from The Body Shop, a range of deodorants with all the benefits of an anti-perspirant, yet without the inclusion of pore-clogging ingredients generally used to stop you perspiring.

Melanie Taylor, Marketing Director of The Body Shop says, “As the summer gets into full swing, this invariably means tighter clothes, sweatier commutes and more armpits on display across the country. Our report shows just how odour-conscious we are as a nation, especially in comparison to our European counterparts, yet there still seems to be low awareness around the benefits of using a natural deodorant. We’ve worked hard to develop a deodorant range that is aluminium salt free, as well as delivering on protection and dryness, so Brits can feel confident when it comes to the sweatiest day of the year on 15th July!”

The Body Shop® DeoDry range features natural volcanic mineral in an ultra-fine powder with efficient water absorption capacity, free from aluminium salts.
DeoDry is available in three fragrances (Cool and Zesty, Chilled and Breezy and Fresh and Floral) and all are available in both stick and roll-on, with the roll-on available as a refill, helping to reduce waste and packaging.
Available at £4.00 RRP (£3.00 for a roll-on refill), log on to www.thebodyshop.com for further information.


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Notes to Editor
Survey conducted on 2,000 UK residents by 72 Point, June 2010.

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