Tuesday, 26 April 2011


- GYMBOX employs heirs to the throne to lead their latest exercise class -

As the nation gears itself up for the royal wedding, gym chain GYMBOX is allowing the common man, and woman, the chance to get in royal shape, by taking part in a work-out led by genuine Royalty. Heirs to the throne, Ellen and Amy Lascelles, 56th and 57th in line respectively, have been leading the ‘Royal Workout’ exercise class, which is currently running at GYMBOX gyms throughout April.

The exercise class, designed by GYMBOX’s top trainers with consultation from the ‘Royals,’ will ensure fat burning and toning via a mixture of cardio and weight-lifting over the 45 minute session. The first half of the class will involve a dance workout featuring some of Queen and Prince’s greatest hits followed by a toning session where gym goers will be able to banish bingo wings by practising the royal wave. The last element will involve weight-lifting 10kg dumbbells to replicate the weight of an average royal corgi. Gym goers keen to attend the class can book their slot at www.gymbox.co.uk.

Ellen and Amy are also joined by Peter Lidell-Grainger, who although at 335th in line to throne, is unlikely to ever feel the weight of the crown upon his head, has lent his regal expertise to the workout.

Amy Lascelles, granddaughter of George Lascelles the 7th Earl of Harewood, commented; “I am honoured to be working with GYMBOX on their ‘Royal Workout’. We’ve created the classes to give a great workout royal style so hopefully everyone in the class will have a good time. The workout includes some very polished push-ups and chivalrous crunches. It’s everything a person could need to create a physique that’s the envy of every aristocrat.”

Richard Hilton, MD of GYMBOX added; “We wanted to offer our members the chance to get in touch with their royal self and what a better way to do it then get in some blue-blooded instructors? The class is not only jolly good fun, but has been designed with some of our top trainers, ensuring a really thorough work-out for everyone who comes along.”

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