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Ocado, the online supermarket, is giving Britons a new taste experience with the launch of what it hopes will become ‘the world’s sexiest fruit’ - the ‘O-cado.’
The curvaceous fruit is a cross between a Navel orange and Hass avocado, combining the orange’s rugged skin, with a luscious, fleshy yellow and lime green interior. The sensuous pear-shaped fruit also combines the avocado’s signature rich ‘buttery’ taste with an unusual citric undertone guaranteed to tickle the taste buds of fruit adventurists. Rich in Vitamins C and E, the ‘O-cado’ has been proven to boost and sustain energy levels when eaten.

The ‘O-cado’ has been in development at a sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre in California for the past five years, American cross-pollination experts having developed over 100 prototypes before the finished sample was sent for food safety certification.

The bespoke fruit is a welcome addition to the Ocado Range, an extensive selection of great value, own-brand goods first launched in September 2010. The ‘O-cado’ will fulfil the online supermarket’s long-held ambition to create a unique product that it can proudly put its name to.

Ocado co-founder Jason Gissing says:

“People often ask me ‘what does Ocado mean’ and ‘where does it come from’? At last we can point to something and tell them that our business is named after what is quite possibly ‘the world’s sexiest fruit’. The O-cado has been at the forefront of our minds for the past decade - part orange, part avocado, and totally delicious!”
The ‘O-cado’ will be available exclusively to Ocado customers from April 1st, priced at £3.49 for a pack of two.


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Notes to Editors:
About Ocado:
Ocado ( was established in 2000, started trading in 2002 and is now one of Britain’s leading online supermarkets. Ocado operates a centralised distribution model which means that it does not rely upon a network of stores from which to service customers. Ocado delivers over 21,000 product lines including Waitrose goods and a growing Ocado own-label range. In June 2010, it scooped Online Retailer of the Year at The Grocer Gold Awards 2010 and Customer Technology of the Year at the BT Retail Week Technology Awards 2010. In October 2010 it was named World E-tailer of the Year at the prestigious World Retail Awards.

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