Tuesday, 8 May 2012


 ‘Egg-ceptional’ Omelette Unveiled at Broadgate

Broadgate creates the world’s most luxurious omelette for City of London workers  

The world’s most luxurious omelette has today been unveiled at Broadgate, City of London by chefs at Broadgate’s Piccolino restaurant.  The ‘cracking’ offering features a range of ‘egg-ceptional’ ingredients including the world’s finest cheese, Caciocavallo Podolico, taken from the Podolico cow which only provides milk in May and June, along with Colonna olive oil which is harvested and bottled on a 400 year old Tuscan estate.
Created by head chef, Enzo Buscema and costing an ‘eggs-treme’ £35, the aptly named ‘Eggs-change Square Omelette’ on sale to Broadgate City workers, is served with handpicked asparagus and drizzled with Canti prosecco to ‘egg-cite’ even the most discerning palate.
Having carefully blended hundreds of ingredients over a two month period, including the hero Tartufo truffle, sourced from Abruzzo, Italy and popular amongst the Italian Royal Family, Enzo’s final recipe includes:  
·         One duck egg from Sussex
·         Five sprinkles of gold dust
·         Five Porcini mushrooms from the Trentino Alpi
·         Seven shavings of Caciocavallo Podolico from Podolico
·         Five shavings of Tartufo Nero Truffles from Abruzzo
·         Five shavings of Testun Barolo cheese from Piemonte
·         Three stems of wild asparagus from Sicily
·         Three stems of Radicchio from Treviso
·         A drizzle of Colonna olive oil from Tuscany
·         A drizzle of Canti prosecco from Canti

Mark Evans, Estate Director at Broadgate said: “We’ve worked closely with Piccolino’s on the ‘Eggs-change Square’ omelette and are delighted with the result – a light but egg-cellent omelette which will tantalise the taste buds of everyone at Broadgate this Spring.”



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Tom Antoniw or Louisa Ham at Frank PR on 020 7693 6999 or email broadgate@frankpr.it
Notes to editor:
Situated in the heart of the City of London's Square Mile, Broadgate is much more than a geographical area.  It’s a dynamic, thriving business community, home to some of the world’s biggest corporations and top professional practices where over 30,000 people work each day.
There are five distinct areas that make up Broadgate; Broadgate Circle, Exchange Square, Broadgate Plaza, Finsbury Avenue Square and Bishopsgate.  The squares, terraces, colonnades and piazzas provide a perfect setting for people to meet, eat, talk, shop, enjoy the entertainment on offer or merely watch the world go by.
Broadgate houses an impressive collection of public art around the site including sculptures, paintings and water features from a number of major British and International artists. These works have helped create an identity for the estate that is imaginative, dynamic and challenging. There is a wide and varied selection of shops and restaurants, cafes and bars to cater for every need and every budget.
For more information on Broadgate visit http://www.broadgateinfo.net/

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