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As cooking budgets decrease, the importance of families eating together increases

35% of families eat together MORE often than they did five years ago according to new research from Maggi®. Despite food budgets often being squeezed in tough economic times, 66% of parents surveyed think that eating together is the best way to catch up. Testament to this, 68% of the UK families surveyed eat together at least five times a week.

Of those families who reported eating dinner together more often since the recession, 16% say that it’s due to cutting down on dining out, and 13% find it more cost effective to eat together at dinnertime. However, of those parents who admit that the recession has caused their family to eat together less, 38% attributed working longer hours to make ends meet.

The study of over 1,000 UK parents also looked at which regions in the UK eat as a family unit the most regularly and revealed that Welsh families topped the list with 43% sitting down together for dinner every day, whereas only a mere 22% of those in the North East eat as a family every night

also asked parents across the UK how to save money on family dinners. Top tips given included batch cooking and buying more economical cuts of meat.  Using cheaper cuts doesn’t affect the taste of the meal, for example, the delicious new Maggi Fresh Ideas Beef & Ale Casserole uses casserole meat, while the Chicken & Leek Potato Bake works best with chicken thighs.


  1. Cook something that everyone will enjoy to ensure you’re not making more than one type of meal an evening
  2.  Batch cook and use leftovers – try and make little changes to ensure that the family don’t get bored e.g. Chilli Con Carne for two nights, one night with rice and one with a jacket potato
  3. For older children, make individual portions of family meals that can be frozen if necessary, so that they can eat when they get in from after school activities etc.
  4. Plan ahead by making a list of the week’s meals and sticking to it
  5. Don’t shop on an empty stomach!
  6. Search for the best deals in supermarkets – head to the shop later in the evening to make the most of special offers
  7. Bulk up meat dishes with vegetables
  8. Change from your weekly to monthly shop to encourage families to eat all food
  9. Use more economical  cuts of meat e.g. Chicken thighs or drumsticks and beef casserole steak
  10. Buy vegetables in season

 Maggi Home Economist, Cath Edwards, states “It’s great to see the UK embracing family mealtimes with the realisation that it doesn’t need to cost a lot to get everyone round the table. Making the most of family mealtimes and following simple cost-saving tips can ensure that parents save money whilst bringing everyone together over a delicious meal. Cooking with a tighter budget needn’t mean that meals become boring, buy seasonal veggies and alternate your cuts of meat to keep the family satisfied.” 


For more information contact Bethany Pearson and Jennifer Murdoch at Frank PR on 0207 7693 6999 or email Maggi@frankpr.it
About Maggi

Founded by Swiss entrepreneur Julius Maggi, Maggi®, now a NestlĂ© brand, has been the master of flavours, herbs and spices for over 120 years.

The original company was born in 1872 in Switzerland, when Julius Maggi took over his father's mill. Maggi quickly became a pioneer of industrial food production, aiming at improving the nutritional intake of worker families. We were the first to bring protein-rich and vegetable based meals to the market, followed by ready-made soup in 1886 which was based on the popular vegetable meals. The Maggi brand merged with Nestlé in 1947.

Maggi launched in the UK in 2011 with the So Juicy® range which has sold over 20 million packs since launch*. The range provides mum’s with a way of cooking tender, juicy meat the whole family will enjoy. The seasoning adds delicious flavour to the meat whilst it cooks in its own juices in the special cooking bag. The ‘So’ range was extended in February 2012 with the launch of Maggi So Crispy, which gives chicken a delicious crispy coating without the need for oil or frying.

Maggi Fresh Ideas range is available in the following new flavours:
o    Roasted Apple & Sage Pork
o    Beef & Ale Casserole
o    Cheesy Chicken & Leek Potato Bake
o    Lincolnshire Sausage Casserole
For easy, tasty meal ideas visit www.maggi.co.uk

 Maggi is listed in all major retailers.

The Maggi Fresh Ideas range contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. In addition, they meet UK Government Responsibility Deal Salt Targets; when prepared, the final recipes have been developed to provide a balanced meal also containing at least one portion of vegetables.

Sample size: 1,005 UK parents with children under 16
The research was carried out in October 2012 by Census Wide.
*IRI unit sales data January 2011- 6th October 2012

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