Friday, 8 November 2013


Cow & Gate offers once in a lifetime five-star dining experience to little ones in London

Cow & Gate has teamed up with Jenny Frost, mum to 9 month-old twin girls Blake and Nico, to launch Purée, the UK's first ever dining experience designed exclusively for babies. Offering a first taste of the finer things in life, Purée provides an immersive sensory experience that is all about the little (ones) details.

Delivering silver-spoon service in a sensational setting, Purée has been designed with babies' sight, sound and taste in mind. Culminating in a truly memorable meal occasion, the restaurant will be serving up tasty, top quality Cow & Gate meals.

Working with handpicked farmers and growers, Cow & Gate sources only the best quality ingredients for their foods, which can be appreciated in style at Purée.

The exclusive eatery aims to dazzle all the senses of its tiny discerning diners and have them goo-goo-gaga’ing for more.

To enhance the experience off the plate, all little patrons will have access to the VIB (Very Important Baby) soft play area, which incorporates bold black and white repetitive patterns with splashes of bright red to delight the sights. Inspired by of-the-moment establishments, like Soho House, the Purée soft play area serves as the perfect chill-out zone, as well as a stimulating place to mingle with others.

And if that wasn’t enough to delight the senses, patrons will also be able to view one-off Cow & Gate artworks exhibited in the restaurant. Injecting Cow &Gate’s fun and bright personality into the otherwise monochrome decor, bespoke pieces will include Warhol-inspired Cow &Gate jars and even drip-and-splash Pollock-styled canvases. 

With eye-popping visual touches and taste buds tickled, Cow & Gate’s resident pianist will also be on hand to round off the all-immersive sensory experience with nursery rhyme renditions of all-time favourites, like Baa-Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, on the baby grand piano. After all, what would a fine-dining establishment be without a pianist tickling the ivories?

Jenny Frost comments: "As a busy mum myself, I know just how important it is to be assured of the quality of the food you feed your little one. After all, sometimes Nico and Blake have a palette as picky as mine! Purée from Cow & Gate highlights the importance of feeding your little ones the best quality food possible, but it also understands that feeding time can be fun too!"

Bruce Newman, Cow & Gate Marketing Manager, comments: "The quality and provenance of the Cow & Gate foods range is something we’re really proud of. We're so confident in our range of products, from jarred foods to 100% fruit pouches, that we wanted to share, showcase and celebrate the products in an appropriate fashion.

"Purée is about quality food, but not posh nosh. We want to provide our lovely Cow & Gate customers with a dining experience to match the quality of the range, and we really hope it delights both babies and parents alike."

The restaurant, based in the heart of central London, is now accepting bookings for sittings on 15-16th November.  Prospective diners should encourage their parents to book now to avoid disappointment.

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