Friday, 8 November 2013


Hair Raising Holiday Choices!

Could your hair colour determine what type of holiday you book?

It seems that when it comes to holidays our hair colour could determine our choice of perfect getaway. A new study today from has discovered that ginger haired people are most likely to head off on safari (8%) while bald folk would much rather embark on a backpacking trip (6%).

The survey of 2,000 people showed that when choosing a holiday blondes are most likely to pick a relaxing, sunbathing beach holiday with 42% of blondes voting this their favourite type of trip. People with black hair were most likely to pick a skiing holiday (13%) than any others while thrill-seeking brunettes were most likely to go for something more wild like hiking, kayaking or rock climbing (11%).

Grey haired people in later life were found most likely to prefer a quiet countryside retreat (36%) above all other hair types. Shockingly, ginger haired people most favoured a safari more than other hair types (6%), even though over 50% of the ginger population have admitted getting sunburned is their biggest fear when on holiday and the bald Brits like to show their adventurous side with a backpacking expedition (6%).

Brunette - holiday of choice (%)
Ginger hair - holiday of choice (%)
Blonde hair -holiday of choice (%)
Black hair - holiday of choice (%)
Grey hair - holiday of choice (%)
Bald - holiday of choice (%)
Sunbathing (37%)
Sunbathing (36%)
Sunbathing (41%)
Sunbathing (39%)
Countryside retreat (36%)
Other (33%)
Countryside retreat (23%)
Countryside retreat (27%)
 Countryside retreat (23%)
 Countryside retreat (18%)
Sunbathing (29%)
 Sunbathing (26%)
Other (16%)
Adventure holiday (10%)
Other (12%)
Skiing holiday (13%)
Other (25%)
Countryside retreat (26%)
Adventure holiday (11%)
Safari (8%)
Adventure holiday (7%)
Other (11%)
Adventure holiday (4%)
Adventure holiday (7%)
Backpacking (4%)
Other (8%)
Safari (6%)
 Adventure holiday (8%)
Safari (3%)
Backpacking (6%)
Spa holiday (3%)
Spa holiday (4%)
 Backpacking (5%)
Safari (5%)
Skiing holiday (1%)
Safari (2%)
Skiing holiday (3%)
Backpacking (4%)
 Skiing holiday (4%)
 Backpacking (3%)
Backpacking (1%)
Skiing holiday (0%)
Safari (3%)
Skiing holiday (3%)
 Spa holiday (2%)
Spa holiday (3%)
Spa holiday (1%)
Spa holiday (0%)

Kate Hopcraft of the brand said, "Our research shows an additional way of looking at how we choose our holidays…based on our hair! While you would expect a countryside retreat may be preferred by those with grey hair it is fantastic to see our ginger population enjoying the excitement of a safari over other holidays; we just hope they pack plenty of sun cream."

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