Wednesday, 16 April 2008

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Styling British men since 1928 - Brylcreem celebrates 80th birthday

On this day 80 years ago Brylcreem found its way into the hands of its first British consumers. At the heart of male grooming since 1928 – Brylcreem is proud to celebrate 80 years of styling Britain’s men.

Brylcreem is a truly iconic British brand, that has been able to maintain a dialogue with British Blokes for almost a Century. The brand has evolved alongside British men over the last 8 decades, with its product lines and packaging changing to reflect the look and feel of the time. Since launching its classic glass pot in 1928, Brylcreem quickly rose to become the UK’s number 1 male styling brand, where it remains 80 years later* albeit with a much larger range of modern gels, waxes and creams.

Reg Scott, a Brylcreem user for over 80 years commented “ I’ve used Brylcreem for as long as I can remember, it was an essential part of our grooming routine before going out to impress the ladies. It may look a little different now, in a plastic red pot, but is still just the ticket.”

The Brylcreem brand was personified throughout the years by some of Britain’s most revered sporting icons, referred to as the ‘Brylcreem Boy’s’, such as Denis Compton, Johnny Haynes and David Beckham. They were joined in 2007 by Sam Veale who was found in a UK first, when Brylcreem used MySpace to recruit the new Brylcreem star. Sam featured in the latest Brylcreem advert, performing a choreographed ‘effortless’ morning wake-up routine and was the first non-celebrity face of the brand.

Brylcreem continues to push innovation in 2008 with the launch of the brand’s first ever styling product for longer hair. The Brylcreem antiStyler scruffing paste is the latest addition to the Brylcreem range and has been created specifically to give control when taming longer locks.

The ‘Original Brylcreem’ in the instantly recognisable, iconic red pot is still available today and sits alongside the continually evolving Brylcreem core range.

Brylcreem constantly updates its range to appeal to the modern male audience and is able to do this without losing its core values. It’s an inherently British brand, that is as trusted by men in 2008 as it was in 1928. Happy Birthday Brylcreem!


* IRI Oracle Sales Analyzer, 29th December 2007

Notes to Editors:
The new-formulation Brylcreem range, in addition to Brylcreem antiStyler, is available from March 2008, RRP from £3.19 and is available nationwide in Boots and all other good high-street and grocery retailers includes:
· reStyler - The springy gum holds and remoulds short to medium hair so with one application, you can restyle your look throughout the day (RRP £3.19)
· toughStyler - For strong control and structure, toughStyler is best applied to short hair to style and keep it fixed and looking fierce all day (RRP £3.19)
· easyStyler - easyStyler is a hybrid of gel and wax for short hair. easyStyler holds and defines short hair, it is also is the easiest product to wash out, leaving hair clean and gunk-free (RRP £3.19)
· strongGel Fast-drying strongGel holds any style in place all day. The water resistant gel has its longest lasting hold yet, making it a favourite for big styles. (RRP £3.19)
· extremeholdGel Ultimate strength for an extreme style. extremeholdGel can be trusted to keep any style, no matter how outrageous, in place all day. (RRP £3.19)
· wetlookGel creates and holds that smooth, sleek, ‘wet look’ shine, giving you greater control over your style. Best applied to short to medium hair for sleek results. (RRP £3.19)
· modellingGel gives a light, non-greasy hold doesn’t set like concrete but allows for a re-workable style. An understated yet stylish look is easily created with modellingGel. (RRP £3.19)
· waxStick - Using the waxStick you can apply as little or as much as you like to give a choppy and messed up look without any hassle. (RRP £3.99)

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