Friday, 13 March 2009


K-Brack appointed Chariman of Frank PR

Frank PR is delighted to announce the appointment of Kate Brackenborough as Chairman. Kates appointment takes place with immediate effect and will last until 1.30pm on Friday 13th March. Kate’s metaphoric rise to the top, comes off the back of her name being drawn out of an envelope yesterday, after Frank employees donated money to Comic Relief, in a bid to win the title of Chairman for the day. Kate is one of four Chairrmen who will take control of the company for the duration of the day. Frank’s ‘normal’ Chairman, Graham Goodkind, will take back control on Monday (hopefully).

Kate is determined to leave a lasting legacy and has already issued her manifesto to the employees of Frank, the full version of which is below. On her appointment, Kate said “My mantra is to work hard, play hard – and that is exactly what I will be doing during my 2 hour term as Frank Chairman.”

So far Frank PR has raised several hundred pounds for Comic Relief.

- ends-

Notes to editor:

Kate Brackenborough manifesto:

1) Damon Kelly/Andrew/Jo/Jay – please can one of you draw up a release announcing my appointment (a brief paragraph should do it) and sell-in to PR Week before 1.30pm. Jay, please post on the blog.

2) Employee wellbeing and moral is important to any good company. To lift the spirits and signify a break, I will be playing loud and uplifting ‘POWER SONGS’ every so often. Please use this time to get up, walk around, dance and sing along – a good break is necessary to help concentration. I will continue playing the power ballads in the interim seeing as they’re so popular.

3) Discipline is key to an effective business, therefore for the next 2 hours, the fashion room upstairs will be turned in to the TREAT ROOM. Team leaders (or AD’s if TL not in) can nominate people to visit the treat room for a 15 minute beer and snack break. However, there will also be the NAUGHTY T-SHIRT – TL/AD’s can nominate someone to wear the blank T-shirt on which the rest of the said-team can write anything/draw on. PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR NAUGHTY T-SHIRT NOMINEES AND I WILL ANNOUNCE WHO IS WEARING THIS EVERY SO OFTEN (T-SHIRT ON MY DESK)

4) Lunch – as we’re here to raise money and we haven’t really pushed the boat out yet, I am proposing one of two things.

a) Everyone donates £2 to Comic Relief and I will buy pizza for the office

b) I will donate the amount we would have paid for pizza to comic relief and you get your own lunch


5) Office photo to take place over lunch (1pm) – Katie Harris please arrange J

6) To help Sophie Smallwood’s cause, both Ray and Samir will showcase the woman suit over pizza (seeing as they have a pitiful excuse of a costume)

7) Lucy Hart has to ask out Gary the IT man (if he’s not in an email will do)

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