Thursday, 8 April 2010

Aleksandr Orlov on your iPhone? - iSimples!

Aleksandr Orlov on your iPhone? - iSimples!

Aleksandr Orlov, the billionaire meerkat made famous by his comparison website,, is launching his first ever iphone application, ‘iSimples!’.

In a bid to clear up the confusion between and, the iSimples! ‘voice-in-a-box’ application will give fans an instant dose of Aleksandr. Featuring a variety of bespoke phrases, Aleksandr fans will also be treated to exclusive, never heard before, one-liners such as 'will you marry me', and 'your whiskers are beautiful'!

iSimples! also gives fans access to a selection of Aleksandr’s favourite 80’s rock music, to enable them to compose their own Aleksandr mash-up track.

Aleksandr Orlov said “Sergei alert me that some peoples has create many unofficials ‘apps’ for ‘iPhone’ that speaks my voice. So I ordered Sergei to create my own official ‘iPhone’ voice box ‘application’. It took him all weekend but ‘iSimples’ is finally ready. But I have made it totally free for download!

Since Aleksandr Orlov appeared on our screens in 2009 he has taken the nation by storm, with over 700,000 fans on Facebook and over 30,000 followers on twitter.

The iPhone application will be available for free download from the iTunes app store from XXX 2010.

‘iSimples!’ voice-in-the-box features:

• Listen to Aleksandr’s famous phrases by pressing different buttons on the soundboard
• Ask Aleksandr questions and receive answers through a variety of soundbytes
• Create Aleksandr Orlov 80’s rock mash-up track
• Understand the difference between meerkats and markets
• Learn the English language according to Aleksandr
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