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Job hunting firm recommends new jobs for ex-MPs

After a General Election night of tension that resulted in a hung parliament, politicians from all parties have woken up today out of a job. Following one of the most intriguing election nights for decades, leading jobhunting firm MyWorkSearch has created a list of recommendations for high profile MPs including Labour heavyweights Charles Clarke and Jacqui Smith as they begin their hunt for work.

Experts at the firm entered the profiles of the some of the country’s leading politicians using its personalised assessment test tool and came out with a string of startling suggestions for politicians to try now that they are no longer Members of Parliament.

The database found that original ‘Blair Babe’ Jacqui Smith, who lost her Redditch seat, would make an ideal Ann Summers party organiser due to her unique knowledge of education, detention and a husband who enjoys adult films. Ousted former Home Secretary Charles Clarke, famous for his unique ears and off-key remarks, would make a fine Piano tuner.

The jobs portal also found that Esther Rantzen, who failed to win more than 5% of the vote in Luton South would be a perfect school cook, having a history in youth issues and famously devouring creepy crawlies during her stint on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Lembit Opik, who lost his Montgomeryshire seat by just 1,000 votes, has been advised to try his hand at erotic fiction writing whilst BNP leader Nick Griffin, who is used to being abused in public, would make a perfect traffic warden should he not be elected to parliament.

The full list of recommendations is as follows:




Jacqui Smith, Redditch

Original ‘Blair Babe’, knowledge of education, detention and sex laws, husband enjoys adult films

Ann Summers Party Organiser

Charles Clarke, Norwich South

Famous for his unique ears and off-key remarks about Gordon Brown

Piano Tuner

Lembit Opik, Montgomeryshire

Rated most liberal MP in parliament, known for liking twosomes

Erotic fiction writer

Nick Griffin, Barking

Cambridge graduate with good writing skills, likes uniforms, used to daily abuse from the public

Traffic Warden

Esther Rantzen, Luton South.

Has a history in education, famous for eating creepy crawlies on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and is renowned for stirring things up

School Cook

Richard Alberg, Chief Executive at MyWorkSearch said ‘Just because you’re out of a job doesn’t mean you don’t have skills that can be employed usefully elsewhere. Our list of alternative jobs for MP’s demonstrates this and we hope that if any of these MP’s do need further career advice then MyWorkSearch can help them in this search.

If you’re looking for the right job MyWorkSearch can help turn you from a job seeker to a job getter, offering the tools and expertise you need to get a job fast. For more information visit www.MyWorkSearch.co.uk

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About MyWorkSearch

MyWorkSearch is an online outplacement service. Devised by a team with a combined 60 years experience in the recruitment industry, MyWorkSearch provides everything from CV writing assistance and training, through to workflow management and interview coaching as well as a comprehensive vacancy search facility. The service costs £250 for 18 months of practical, expert help.

In March 2010, MyWorkSearch won Best Business Startup of the Year at the LinkedIn European Business Awards.

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About Richard Alberg

Richard Alberg launched MyWorkSearch in July 2009 after a successful career in psychometric test development. Richard founded Psychometric Services Limited (PSL) in 1990 and under Richard’s guidance PSL became one of the largest publishers of psychometric tests in the UK. In 2006 Richard sold PSL to Kenexa. Richard is a frequent industry commentator and has contributed to print and broadcast media as well as the human resources trade press. Richard was chosen by Personnel Today as one of the industry’s “21 Rising Stars” in the UK. He was also voted Personality of the Year at the annual Online Recruitment Industry Awards.

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