Tuesday, 11 May 2010


The Great British Sandwich

Hovis creates the ultimate British sandwich for Great British Sandwich Week (9 – 15 May 2010)

Consisting of nearly 100 hearty ingredients from around the UK, Hovis has created the Ultimate British Buttie, for Great British Sandwich Week (9th – 15th May 2010) and to celebrate Hovis’ move to using 100% British Wheat across its entire range.

The mouth-watering sandwich, which is an incredible 1.6 foot high and consists of 18 slices of Hovis Soft White bread, includes a staggering 92 of the best ingredients from across England, Wales and Scotland, although some could be described as an acquired taste. Step forward the jellied eel, hailing from London, or Marmite from Staffordshire! Others however are more widely enjoyed, such as Cheshire cheese – the oldest cheese in Britain, Cumberland sausage or Arbroath Smokie (smoked salmon) from Angus in Scotland.

With Brits eating in excess of 11.5 billion sandwiches a year[1], the sandwich is arguably as much of a British institution as Barbara Windsor, afternoon tea or fish and chips. From the humble cheese sarnie to the breakfast bacon buttie, favoured fillings can be as hotly contested as last week’s election, which is why Hovis has decided to grab the butter knife and use the best to celebrate Great British Sandwich Week!

Despite the busy Brit penchant for ‘grab and go’, this is sadly one sandwich that couldn’t be eaten on your lunch break – not in an hour at least! The ingredients featured were carefully selected to represent the very best of British, and include everything from West Sussex watercress, crab from Orkney, goat’s cheese from Wales, beef from Herefordshire and even Yorkshire pudding amongst others.

Marie Davies, Marketing Manager for Hovis said “There is no denying the British love affair with the sandwich, but what is interesting is the huge range of ingredients available to choose from across Britain. At Hovis we are proud to be the only major bread brand baked with 100% British wheat and think Great British Sandwich Week is the perfect way to celebrate this.”

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Notes to Editor:

· Hovis has over 600 farmers exclusively growing premium red wheat in Britain to enable the baker to use 100% British Wheat flour across the British Hovis range, the only major bread brand to do so

· All Hovis products are free from artificial preservatives and flavourings.