Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The Battle Lines are Drawn!

G-Shock is Proud to announce that the Secret Wars Euroleague Grand Final has finally arrived…

On Saturday 15th January 2011 from 8pm, the eagerly anticipated Secret Wars Euroleague Grand Final will storm into East London’s Village Underground. Age old rivals Birmingham and Amsterdam, will take each other on in a 90 minute battle of epic proportions, on the biggest Secret Wars wall ever created.

The grand final will be the culmination of over 60 Europe-wide battles held throughout 2010 and will see the winning team crowned Euroleague Champions! They will then be granted the chance to create their very own limited edition G-Shock watch design and will also qualify to fly to New York in the spring to compete against team USA, in the biggest battle in Secret Wars history.

Taking place in the darkest corners of each city, the Secret Wars art battles were originally set up and promoted through word of mouth alone, with those in the know spreading the word to artists and art fans. With 16 amazing European locations, including London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona, the Secret Wars Euro League blazed a trail of black marker pens and staggeringly creative, humorous designs, from country to country during 2010.

The rules of battle are simple: there are 90 minutes on the G-Shock clock, during which an artist is placed either side of an invisible line. Only black paint can be used on white walls, with no sketches or pencils allowed! The battles are judged by two guest judges and a crowd vote, which is measured using a decibel reader. It is a clean and fair fight, to find the best of Europe’s burgeoning artistic talent.

Tim Gould, Marketing Director for Casio UK, commented, ‘G-Shock have been thrilled to sponsor the Secret Wars Euro League in 2010 and we are eagerly anticipating the results of the grand final. As a brand, we have a passion for true innovation and creativity, which lends us an affinity with Secret Wars. We whole-heartedly support the way it champions the raw, burgeoning talent that can be found in the underground art scene, and we can’t wait to see the watch design that the winning team creates for us!’

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