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Tia Maria is the perfect drink for any cocktail occasion, whether heading off for an afternoon in the pub, eating at the finest restaurant or hitting a nightclub. Made to the original Caribbean recipe, this rich dark liqueur can be mixed with a whole host of flavours from ginger beer right through to chilli and even sambuca.

Tia Maria’s distinctive aroma of freshly grounded coffee with delicate hints of chocolate and exotic vanilla, mean it’s the perfect ingredient to pack cocktails full of flavour. The alcohol brand has recently been showcasing the following sumptuous cocktails to highlight the mixibility of Tia Maria and the occasions where one might drink it.

These can be found in the cocktail booklet and some highlights are below
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Cocktail Bar Suggestions
Maria L’Orange
This fresh and fruity cocktail is perfect to enjoy with friends on a night out. Fusing Tia Maria, triple sec, orange and lemon juice and passion fruit it tastes just like a chocolate orange
Keep the Faith
This luxurious cocktail was designed exclusively for Tia Maria by Paloma Faith to reflect her fiery yet playful nature. Made with Tia Maria, rich chocolate liqueur and a whole chilli this winter warmer certainly packs a punch.

At the Pub Suggestion
Jamaican Swizzle
This twist on a dark and stormy mixes Tia Maria, dark rum and ginger beer for a refreshing long drink that tastes just like Pimms. The perfect drink to enjoy in a beer garden.

Clubbing Suggestion
A classic twist on a Mojito, this cocktail adds Tia Maria for a little extra kick. A refreshing drink to enjoy whilst dancing the night away with friends

Dinner Date
Dark Desire
This creamy cocktail is the perfect indulgence to enjoy with good food and good company. Made with Tia Maria, scotch whisky, ice cream and a little sprinkling of chocolate on top for a little treat.

Notes to Editors
Tia Maria cocktail recipes
Cocktail Bar
(Created exclusively with Paloma Faith for Tia Maria)
¾ parts Tia Maria
1 part dark chocolate liqueur
¾ parts sugar syrup
5 – 6 slices of whole red chilli
Add all the ingredients into a shaker with lots of ice.
Shake well & strain into a martini glass.
Make a cut on the side of the whole red chilli, place on the rim of the glass.
Extra chilli can be added for more spice!

¾ parts Tia Maria
¾ parts triple sec
1 bar spoon passion fruit syrup
½ parts lemon juice
1 ½ parts fresh orange juice
Combine all the ingredients together with crushed ice in a boston and shake.
Pour into a martini glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist

1 part coconut milk
Combine all ingredients together with crushed ice in a blender
Blend until smooth
Pour into a snifter glass.
Top up with whipped cream and garnish with a slice of pineapple

At the Pub

1 part Tia Maria
1 part dark rum
2 parts ginger ale/ginger beer
¾ parts lemon juice
1 dash Angostura
Shake the Tia Maria, dark rum, lemon juice and Angostura with ice then top up with ginger ale.

1½ oz Tia Maria
1½ oz white rum
½ oz lemon juice
3 oz soda
Muddle mint leaves, lemon juice and powdered
sugar in a highball glass, then add crushed ice and
pour in blended Tia Maria and rum.
Top up with soda.

Dinner Date

1½ oz Tia Maria
½ oz scotch whisky
1 spoon ice cream (vanilla)
1½ oz half & half
Combine all ingredients together in a blender.
Blend until smooth. Pour into a hurricane glass.
Top up with whipped cream and

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