Tuesday, 11 March 2008

News from Amsprop

Apprentice Winner, Simon Ambrose, completes first major project for Sir Alan Sugar

Amsprop Estates launch innovative new website and licensing scheme

Amsprop Estates, the property vehicle of Sir Alan Sugar, today announces the launch of its new web site: www.amsprop.com

The comprehensive website offers a wide range of functions and tools designed to make the site a one stop shop for users ranging from potential investors through to lawyers and tenants. The site gives users instant data on the entire Amsprop portfolio. State of the art technology allows users to pull up details such as legal documentation, leases, floor plans, letting schedules, drawings and licences within seconds.

Site features include:
- A0 Zoom: allowing users to zoom into great detail on AO or A1 lease plans whilst keeping compression file sizes down to manageable levels
- Character Recognition Software: Applied throughout all documentation allowing users to search for key terms at the click of a button
- Full legal selling packs available within seconds
- Time and property specific encrypted passwords allowing third parties to look at details of any property within portfolio

Commenting on the website, Daniel Sugar said “We felt there was a need to have instant data on any of our portfolio at our finger tips. Simon Ambrose was tasked together with our IT manager to develop this site. It is a massively useful tool for all of us at Amsprop.”

Commenting on this, Simon Ambrose said “The brief given to me was to first of all collate all of the data traditionally held by lawyers or in our complex hard copy filing systems and get them into a format where they could be easily accessed by any of our team. In simple terms, the amount of data available through this site is enough to fill up 10 large filing cabinets. Now, you can get to anything specific you want in seconds. The donkey work is over thanks to the combined effort of the IT people and myself. The site can, and will, be updated regularly to add new acquisitions, new leases and amendments or any major structural changes to any of the properties within the Amsprop portfolio”.

Commenting on this new web site, Sir Alan Sugar said “ At first glance, one sees a nice web site and may wonder what’s so special, it’s just another web site, but when you delve beneath the surface it will become abundantly clear to any one in the property world, what a remarkable facility this is.”

Amsprop have decided to licence this technology to another group company, Viglen Technology Ltd www.viglen.co.uk so they can offer the same service to other property investment companies. Viglen are a separate entity, thus ensuring confidentiality and offering arms length independence. Viglen’s existing customer base includes government and public service organisations where confidentiality and security is paramount.

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