Tuesday, 11 March 2008

News from Kit Kat Senses

KIT KAT® SENSES TM, the new break sensation

One of Britain’s most loved brands, KIT KAT, today announces the launch of a brand new KIT KAT®, specifically created to appeal to women – “KIT KAT® SENSES TM”.

The biggest KIT KAT® since CHUNKY was revealed in 1999, KIT KAT® SENSES TM will hit shelves nationwide in March 2008.

KIT KAT® SENSES TM will offer the crispy wafer and smooth milk chocolate we all know and love – but combined with a praline centre providing a lighter indulgence.

The new SENSES TM bar has been designed with five individual pieces that not only retain the much-loved KIT KAT® snap, but also allow each piece to be savoured individually to make the experience last longer.

And with only 165 Calories per bar, KIT KAT® SENSES TM is a lighter indulgence, that women can enjoy everyday, without having to worry about the calorie count.

A Nestle spokesperson commented:
“KIT KAT® has always been rooted in breaks with each one tailored towards a different occasion and from March 10th women across the UK will be able to enjoy a sensational new break with the addition of KIT KAT® SENSES TM to our range. SENSES TM will address the special breaks that women look forward to during a hectic day. We are also aware that people are more conscious about what they eat, which is why we have developed a product which only contains 165 calories, yet still delivers a great tasting chocolate experience”

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