Wednesday, 12 March 2008

News from James Glancy Design


New innovative art installation unveiled today

The new Merchant Square development from European Land is set to go from worksite to urban gallery, as a bold art installation created by landscape architecture specialists James Glancy Design, famed for the Carnaby Street Plug and Socket installation, is unveiled.

In a clever twist on a busy construction site, where the canal has been drained to enable further work in the area, James Glancy Design will install a ‘Plug and Hole’ artwork, creating a novel and fun focal point, visually representing the empty canal.

The Plug and Hole took six men to install and will remain at Merchant Square until the northern section of the canal is re-filled.

As London prepares for the 2012 Olympic Games, the capital is paying more attention to its urban aesthetic and Paul Dart, creative director at James Glancy Design, predicts we will start seeing more artworks of this nature as London lends inspiration from European counterparts like Barcelona.

“People become numbed by the permanency of the buildings and infrastructure that make up the urban landscape and installation works like this create surprise and capture people’s imagination by making everyday objects come to life.”

James Glancy Design was responsible for many of the Christmas lighting decorations around the UK last year, including the bright over-sized paper chains in Carnaby Stree and the Christmas lighting displays in The Birmingham Bullring, the Galleria in Hatfield, The O2, St Christopher’s Place, Marylebone High Street, Piccadilly Arcade, and many more.

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