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The Colour of Success

Garnier Shade of the Nation report unveils why being a brunette can get you ahead in love and life

The key to success for a woman hinges on more than just education, social status or dress size, hair colour can make a real impact too. Research released today by Garnier Nutrisse, the ‘ Shade Of The Nation’ report* reveals that when pitched against their blonde and red headed rivals, brunettes - natural or not were seen to be the highest achievers in life.

Brown hair was chosen by 42% of Brits* as their favourite hair colour, and delving deeper into the reasons in a follow up survey, it is easy to see why as brown seems to be the colour to be to get ahead:

76% of people** believe that brunettes are the brainiest of all women, and this assumption literally pays off, as there are double the amount of brunettes earning between within the £45-£55k than blondes or redheads.

Brunette’s boardroom confidence also spills over to the bedroom, with over a quarter of brown haired beauties rating brunettes as above average in bed – the most confident of all colours. Surprisingly, blonde bombshells are the most reserved in the sack with one in 5 admitting steamy situations make them shy.

Such confidence makes 1 in 10 men** feel the most successful with a brunette on their arm, so it is no surprise that 71% of men pick brunettes as relationship and marriage partner, with only 6% feeling committed to fiery redheads.

Colour psychologist Anjula Mutanda comments: “ Some hair colours tend to darken naturally with age, and so brown hair can be associated with confidence and self awareness. These positive qualities install a sense of trust and assurance which is mirrored in how others behave towards them and therefore, many women who become brunettes often report a difference in reaction to them – for the better.”

To celebrate, Garnier Nutrisse will be launching the official ‘Shade of the Nation’ as chosen by the UK public* - Mahogany Chestnut Brown 5.54, which will be available nationwide from February 2009.

Notes to Editor

Garnier Nutrisse Shade of the Nation Report

* Survey conducted on 3421 people by, August 08, from the range of 28 Garnier Nutrisse Shades. Nutrisse 5.54 was voted overall preferred shade. ** A second survey of 2565 people (1005 men & 1560 women) by, October 08, showed peoples attitudes to hair colours.

N.B For the avoidance of doubt, Garnier Nutrisse does not claim that any of the celebrities listed in the release use or otherwise endorse any Garnier products

Celebrity examples that prove brown is the colour to be to get ahead in love and life:

· Nell McAndrew – unveiled her dark brown do to launch her lingerie range

· Scarlet Johansson – toned down her blonde tresses to a darker brown ahead of her recent wedding

· Jordan – hung up her blond bombshell status in favour of a dark mane when she went into the jungle, and found success in both love and business

Additional key findings

Brunettes signify the following qualities more than any other hair colour

· Genuine – brunette 81% (Vs blonde 13% Vs red 6%)

· Intelligent – brunette 76% (Vs red 15% Vs blonde 9%)

· Even-tempered – brunette 66% (Vs blonde 27% Vs red 7%)

· Self-sufficient – brunette 66% (Vs red 24% Vs blonde 10%)

· Ambitious – brunette 40% (Vs red 35% Vs blonde 24%)

· Self-confident – brunette 37% (Vs red 35% Vs blonde 28%)

Although blondes are still thought to have more fun:

· Fun-loving – blonde 43% Vs red 42% Vs brunette 15%

And redheads rate highly against the more passionate characteristics:

· Spontaneous – red 53% Vs blonde 34% Vs brunette 13%

· Fiery – red 78% Vs blonde 12% Vs brunette 10%

Nearly half (45%) of women colour their hair to make themselves feel more attractive and 37% say it gives them a big confidence boost

1 in 5 women have coloured their hair drastically in shade due to a life-changing event, with the break up of a relationship topping the poll for the most likely catalyst

Where do our perceptions on hair colour stereotypes come from?

Colour psychologist Anjula Mutanda reveals a bit of the insight behind our ingrained hair colour associations:

“You may have noticed that some hair colours darken naturally with age, hence lighter hair colour may be associated with youthfulness, fun and a flirty personality while darker hair colour is associated with someone worldly, sophisticated and confident. Although there is no proven direct link between hair colour and genetic personality, people often look for behaviour that reinforces their preconceptions and then act in a way to confirm them e.g. if people treat blondes as a bit ditzy, they may become so / if people treat brunettes as capable and successful, they act that way.”


- Don’t forget to be colour safe: always carry out a skin allergy test prior to every colour application

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