Wednesday, 3 June 2009


ATTENTION BABUSKHAS: Frank PR appointed by Aleksandr Orlov

Frank PR has been appointed by reclusive Russian billionaire meerkat Aleksandr Orlov, to handle his personal PR and consumer PR for his website, the leading meerkat comparison site.

Orlov has recently come to prominence in the UK after experiencing frustrations with a similarly-named insurance price comparison site,

Orlov’s recent TV advertising compelling consumers to remember his catchy jingle to ensure they visit the correct site – and don’t crash his server – have made him a household name in Britain.

Frank PR director, Alex Grier says, “Since coming to prominence in Britain, Mr Orlov has been inundated with requests to appear in the media, in public and even in other peoples’ advertising. We will be working with him to manage these requests and his public image, given his reclusive nature, and to help in his battle to ensure people understand the difference between and”

Statement from Aleksandr Orlov, founder, (as dictated to his assistant, Sergei):

“My little babushkas, I, Aleksandr Orlov, founder of has appoint Frank Public Relations to help explain peoples the difference between and Peoples still not understand that for compare meerkats you come to my website but if you are looking for cheap deal on car insurance you are want”