Thursday, 4 February 2010


Hollywood success for a mere ‘kat’?

Forget Christmas blockbusters, this year critics are eagerly awaiting the epic sixty second film from meerkat entrepreneur Aleksandr Orlov.

Launching on 3rd January 2010, THE JOURNEY OF COURAGEOUSNESS is produced, written and edited by Aleksandr Orlov himself AND stars Aleksandr Orlov in the title role (as well as Head of IT, Sergei - “though in small supported roles only”).

In an impressive bid to try and prevent people from confusing his business with - the website for cheap car insurance - the founder uses his new advert to explain that life was not always so simples! for the Orlovs.

Taking us back to his family’s humble beginnings, THE JOURNEY OF COURAGEOUSNESS joins Aleksandr and Sergei as they travel out of Africa on a desperate voyage that takes them across the world to the barren wastelands of Russia.

Filmed at Pinewood Studios and on location, THE JOURNEY OF COURAGEOUSNESS will be a departure from the previous adverts, featuring Aleksandr outside of his Russian mansion for the very first time. Billed to be the biggest meerkat production in history, the film is already tipped for an Os-kat nomination.

Entrepreneur, Aleksandr has become a popular icon since launching his internet business in January 2009 and now has over 600,000 friends on Facebook and 31,000 Twitter followers.

Aleksandr Orlov said “I very proud to introduce what film crickets are call ‘the best sixty second meerkat adventure film of all time’: ‘The Journey of Courageousness’. This movie is “claw-biting edge-of-seat thrill-ride”, but also have very serious message about my ancestors; they did not suffer journey of blood, sweat and beetles only to have peoples confuse meerkats with cheap car insurance! So grab bucket of salty pop-roaches and enjoy!”

THE JOURNEY OF COURAGEOUSNESS is released on January 3rd 2010 and can be seen on ITV1 at 9.20pm.

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And this is now what confused are offering us: the "it pays to be confused" campaign. This is nothing compared to the meerkat or the opera singer. I've just added the video:
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