Friday, 19 February 2010


Get Ready For British Fashion ‘Wheat’
Erin O’Connor teams up with Hovis 100% British Wheat to bring bread back into fashion

As always promoting healthy eating amongst models is a priority, and for 2010, Hovis 100% British Wheat will be teaming up with the fashion industry to keep the models looking and feeling good.

Supermodel Erin O’Connor who founded The Model Sanctuary, an oasis for models away from the catwalk, is supporting the trend and has worked with Hovis to devise a ‘British Fashion Wheat’ sandwich using bread made from flour milled from 100% British Wheat which will be on offer to models at the secret location.

Erin said: “Fashion Week is the highlight of the year for models but it’s also an incredibly busy and stressful time. The Model Sanctuary offers a free, safe and relaxing getaway, staffed by a full-time nutritionist, psychologist and other experts on hand to help out the models. This year I’ve worked with nutritionists at Hovis to create the British Fashion Wheat sandwich specifically for our models to help keep them looking and feeling great during their busy week. It’s made from Hovis 100% British Wheat Original Wheatgerm bread, avocado, smoked salmon and sun-blushed tomatoes and contains a great balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.”

Continuing: “British fashion and culture is thriving as we continue to support our own fantastic home grown talent. Hovis is also cultivating British talent in its own, special way by switching to 100% British wheat which supports our farmers. ”

Lindsey Ormond, the Hovis nutritionist explains: “Diet and lifestyle play a huge part in keeping you looking your best. The ingredients in Hovis’ British Fashion Wheat sandwich contain vitamin E, which is an antioxidant which helps protect against free radicals, B Vitamins to help keep your skin healthy and Omega 3, all of which are key nutrients. It also provides energy to help the models recharge for their next catwalk appearance.”

Make your own Hovis British Fashion Wheat sandwich


2 slices of Hovis 100% British Wheat Original Wheatgerm bread
3 slices smoked salmon
½ avocado, sliced
3 sun-blushed tomatoes
Unsalted butter to spread
Spread a thin layer of butter on 1 slice of Hovis Original Wheatgerm. Layer the slices of smoked salmon on the bread, top with the sliced avocado, followed by the sun-blushed tomatoes and finish with the second slice of bread.
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