Tuesday, 19 August 2008

News from Honey Monster Foods


The Honey Monster has shown that his taste for honey is not just limited to his breakfast cereal, as he has teamed up with the sweet voices of Big Brother 8 twins Sam and Amanda Marchant to record a charity single called ‘Honey Love’.

‘Honey Love’ will be available to download exclusively on iTunes from w/c 18th August and all the proceeds from the single will go to The Variety Club Children’s Charity.

The single is a reworked version of the Annette Funicello track ‘Puppy Love’, which was made famous by Donny Osmond in 1972. The song is about the Twins’ love of the Honey Monster, which is perfectly understandable given his fun and caring nature.

The Honey Monster and Samanda had a ball making the single, with HM even showing off his creative side and helping produce the track. All the antics from the recording studio can be seen in the ‘making-of’ video which can be seen on http://www.honeymonster.co.uk/ from 18th August.

Since leaving the Big Brother house, Sam and Amanda have been keeping busy with various projects including having a hit single ‘Barbie Girl’. The girls commented, “We think the work that The Variety Club does is brill and we’ve always loved the Honey Monster – meeting him at the recording was absolutely fab, he’s really huggable and recording a song with him was great fun”

Honey Monster has also been kept busy with his work this year for The Variety Club – including designing his own charity t-shirt. He said, “I just love to feed the fun – and working with the twins on this single has certainly been FUN!”

Norman Kaphan, Chief Barker of The Variety Club said, “The Honey Monster has been a friend to The Variety Club for a while; he’s been great to work with and the kids absolutely love him, so we’re really excited about the single and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

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Anonymous said...

"The single is a reworked version of the Annette Funicello track ‘Puppy Love’, which was made famous by Donny Osmond in 1972."

Wow, you must be very young. This song was written and performed by Paul Anka in 1960. He wrote it for Annette when they were an item. She never recorded it so there is no "Annette Funicello track."